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Decoding of The Great Seal of The USA Exposes Deceptions

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2011-03-08 00:09:37

Proof of the truth about the meaning and purpose of the symbology of the Great Seal of the USA proves most US lawmakers are either clueless or purposely deceptive regarding the ultimate goals of those that founded the USA and created its symbols.

(OPENPRESS) March 8, 2011 -- Since the summer 2010 publication of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, the citizens of the world have been bombarded with myriad distractions. Now, as we watch the unfolding of a growing number of protests and revolutions throughout the Middle East, Africa, and across the globe, US lawmakers and other world leaders seem strangely obsessed with preventing those citizens from grasping the full extent of official deceptions in recent years, and throughout the previous centuries. Details flowing from the decoding of the Great Seal of the USA provide stunning insights into why some leaders appear to be so desperate to control the flow of information in recent years.

The Great Seal of the USA has attracted much attention since the founding of this nation. Its symbology harks back to ancient Egypt, Nubia, and Judea. This is no mere coincidence since those that created the symbols of the fledgling USA wanted to ensure that a great mystery would rivet the attention of future citizens. It is often said that the best place to hide a great secret is in the open, as something else. Those who created the symbols of the fledgling USA, like the ancient sages and prophets that preceded them, employed this axiom to great effect. They wanted those of the future to be stunned and amazed when the truth was finally revealed. To this end, they employed the symbology and methods used by the ancient sages and prophets to encode ancient secrets that would not be revealed until centuries later.

Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols presents verifiable proof that ancient sages and prophets opposed religion and wisely never trusted religious leaders. In fact, they participated in a very long-term and well-orchestrated sting-operation against religion and purposefully hid vital secrets from religious leaders throughout the previous several millennia. The breadth and profundity of what was encoded by these ancient sage-scientists, and how they transmitted it across the ages, is absolutely mind-boggling. Encoded throughout the original ancient symbolic narratives are layers of stunning proof of the truth about pivotal details that completely destroy any chance that any religion can possibly be truthful.

Certain of the USA's founders purposely followed in their footsteps when creating the Great Seal of the USA and many other symbols. Many have wondered about the purpose of the secrets hidden by our founding Deists and Freemasons. Their relationship to the Knights Templar and to those that came before them have been a closely held secret. Likewise, the purpose and meaning of the symbology of the USA and Freemasonry have been kept from most, including from most Freemasons. Now that the symbology of the Great Seal of the USA has been decoded and published, monetary, religious, and political leaders are desperately scrambling to cover up numerous deceptions. To truly understand why, one must grasp what was so important for the ancient sages and prophets, and later the founders of the USA, to hide from these leaders using ancient symbology as an advanced encryption methodology.

Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand provides the supporting evidence and rules for understanding the symbology and long-hidden secrets of the ancients. The upcoming expanded article at the blog, It's Symbology Stupid further expounds upon the details of the Great Seal of The USA.

Can science and ancient wisdom work together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and prove the truth about all religions? Visit and prove it to yourself.

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