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What Is A Power Of Attorney Answered By Reston Estate Planning Attorney

Submitted by: OFP Law

2020-12-13 00:01:01 digg facebook Email twitter print

A Reston Attorney office, OFP Law, has released a resource on what is a power of attorney. The article focuses on the intricacies of the power of attorney and how it allows their team to help clients preserve and increase wealth.

(OPENPRESS) OFP Law, A Reston attorney office, has launched a digital informational resource that helps explain what is a power of attorney, its intricacies, and how it affects clients and their ability to understand the process of planning and establishing an estate. The article helps to guide readers through the most important details regarding what exactly the power of attorney consists of. The firm hopes that it will help clients understand why and when they should employ the power of attorney.

The expert attorneys at OFP Law authored the article in order to help clients understand how the process typically is executed and what the power of attorney really means to the estate planning process. In the article, they thoroughly explain all of the details surrounding the power of attorney ranging from what it is, who needs it, and when.

According to the article, a person who acts under a power of attorney is a fiduciary, or someone responsible for managing some or all of another person's affairs. There are a variety of different types of power of attorney with specific powers you can grant to your representative depending on your unique situation. They advise that you should use a power of attorney with a legal expert you trust to help you properly establish your estate with all of the proper legal logic and documentation.

The firm hopes that by providing this resource to clients, they will better understand the process and when and why they should be employing the power of attorney rights to the agents they have appointed to their specific case. The more clearly clients can understand the facts, the more they can trust the team they are working with and the process they employ.

The power of attorney is not the only resource available on the OFP Law website. The firm also offers resources surrounding family partnerships and LLC's, business succession planning, trusts, wills, and more. The firm has over 40 years of experience providing professional services to clients across a wide variety of practice areas. Whether you are seeking assistance for a business issue or a personal matter, their team of expert attorneys can help.

Speak to the estate law experts at OFP Law for all matters relating to estate planning and power of attorney. The experienced attorneys at OFP Law partner with each client to understand their legal and business goals. Their clients enjoy accessibility, responsiveness, versatility, and creativity. Call OFP Law at (703) 215-2913, or visit their website at OFP Law is headquartered at 1775 Wiehle Avenue, Suite 400, Reston, VA 20190.

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Phone: (703) 215-2913
1775 Wiehle Avenue, Suite 400, Reston, Virginia, 20190, United States

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