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Shekinah Health & Wellness Center To Offer A Medically Managed Weight Loss Program

Submitted by: Shekinah Branding & Communications, LLC

2020-06-18 00:01:04 digg facebook Email twitter print

Shekinah Health and Wellness Center is partnering with Aguilar Aesthetics, Wellness & MedSpa to offer a Medically Managed Weight Loss Program both in North and South Florida. Learn more at www.shekinahealth/weightloss

Daytona Beach, FL (OPENPRESS) Shekinah Health and Wellness Center, a full-service primary care medical practice that focuses on Total Patient-Centered care, is partnering with Aguilar Aesthetics, Wellness & MedSpa to offer a Medically Managed Weight Loss Program both in North and South Florida.

"Weight Management is on most people's minds this summer, especially after many weeks of COVID-19 Quarantine," says, Moline Blanc, MSBS, PA-C, and CEO of Shekinah Health & Wellness Center. "As medical providers, access to a medically-focused and affordable weight loss management service is what this partnership is all about."

The Medically Managed Weight Loss Program is for those who want to improve their overall health. Individuals will obtain medical professional advice on successful ways to lose and maintain an healthy weight.

"The program will also help individuals lower and eliminate future healthcare costs associated with medical complications related to high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more," says Gustavo Aguilar, MS, PA-C, and CEO of Aguilar Aesthetics, Wellness & MedSpa.

The Program offer individuals the opportunity to:
• Measure their vital signs and body mass index
• Assess their medical risk factors for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other obesity-related complications
• Establish healthy weight loss goals
• Develop individualized medical management plan which may include ongoing primary care health management

"For some, maintaining a healthy weight, which is unique for each person, is difficult because of underlining health conditions that cannot simply be managed with healthy eating and exercise", says Moline.

Through the Program, individuals will learn about the role and effectiveness of vitamin B12 and the Skinny shot in in their weight loss journey. Generally, vitamin B12 is a nutrient necessary for a proper central nervous system function and the Skinny shot is a combination of Amino Acids and B Vitamins which helps:

• Breaks down body fat--20%-30% more
• Boosts mood, aids memory and support your metabolism
• Improves your energy and suppress appetite
• Improves your sleep, stress, and depression
• Strengthens your immune system
• Helps meet your exercise and fitness goals

Individuals will also receive an electrocardiogram (EKG) when they participate in the program.

This medically Managed Weight Loss Program isn't focused solely on one's weight. It will help improves individuals' overall health.

"Our goal is to not explicitly ignore or condemn one's past actions, rather help individuals understand they are not alone as we are trying to get back to our lives," says Moline.

Individuals can learn more about the program by calling or texting Shekinah Health & Wellness Center at 386-206-2929. Spanish speakers can call or text Gustavo from Aguilar Aesthetic & Wellmed Spa at 754-837-2717.

For more details on Shekinah Health & Wellness Center medically managed weight loss program, visit

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Shekinah Branding & Communications, LLC
Phone: Not Given
325 Clyde Morris BLVD
Suite 430

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