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Radical Simplicity: New Accounting Book Redefines Small Business Accounting

Submitted by: PR Marketer

2010-12-30 14:54:54 digg facebook Email twitter print

A New Accounting Book Titled 'Radical Accounting' gives a revolutionary spin on small business accounting.

Bellevue, WA (OPENPRESS) December 30, 2010 -- Newly published small business accounting book, 'Radical Accounting' has made its debut in both eBook and paperback form this month. The solution offers small business owners an easier way to dive into accounting, while making sense to successful small business owners from the get-go; a quality absent in all other accounting books.

This novel way to teach accounting was developed by business analyst Madeline Bailey, who has been teaching accounting to private business owners (including millionaires and MBA's) with her new system for over a decade. "If people knew the influence good accounting could have on their bottom line, their bookkeeping and filing systems would be in perfect order," says author Madeline Bailey, "I find it empowering to know that I can improve my profits simply by doing some bookkeeping, right here and right now."

Radical Accounting author Madeleine Bailey mentions that small business owners, who want to operate in the US, yet don't have an accounting system in place are not even in the game. She believes that accounting is the language of business and that people should ask themselves 'Am I winning or losing when it comes to my finances?' and 'Do my bookkeeper, tax expert, and financial planner make sense, or are they talking nonsense?'.

Bailey goes on to say that business owners learn their score from arguable financial reports. Her book teaches how to create a chart of accounts that is correct for a unique business and also how to read the two basic financial reports needed to do business in the US.

Debbie Brittain, owner of a 24-year-old Seattle business, Village Interiors, Inc. was very pleased with the book: "I couldn't put Radical Accounting down. My assistant started implementing the color-coded filing system right away. We love it. I highly recommend this book to other business owners."

Contemporary accounting book 'Radical Accounting' is available on Amazon and is also available in eBook format online now. Radical Accounting includes over 140 pages describing a beginner-friendly and meticulous accounting system. Written and developed by QuickBooks expert Madeline Bailey, the book is set to engage and inform accounting professionals and business owners alike.

Visit for more information.

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