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Once Upon A Transcendent Realm - The Book Release

Submitted by: James Martinez

2012-12-29 00:01:41 digg facebook Email twitter print

Book release and arrival of "Once upon a transcendent realm" by James Martinez

Austin-San Marcos, TX (OPENPRESS) Once upon a transcendent realm is a discovery into the many supernatural realms of life and life afterlife. This is a truthful tale of the spirit, its abilities, and what happens to us when we leave this world. This remarkable journey brought forth by the creator himself, giving us all insight into some of the most sought after unknown questions in all of existence, like "Where do we go when we pass from this world and how do we get there?"

Author James Martinez shares an amazing revelation of truth and his written account of face to face meetings with The Holy Trinity in Once Upon a Transcendent Realm (300pp PB, HC/CL, E-Book, $22.95, $7.99)

Once Upon a Transcendent Realm reveals insights into many spiritual topics like out-of-body experiences, chakra, aura, and spiritual energy, higher states of consciousness, and the mystical six sense and heavenly realms. The book covers topics and subject matter that many have encountered yet still know very little of. Again, this book reaches far beyond what many who have written on such topics have been able to determine until now. The journey is a direct account of supernatural encounters with other worldly beings like angels and demons, as well as direct meetings with God our father, Jesus Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit. (The Trinity)

The truth of spirituality and even Gods presence in all things is purely evident within this miraculous journey into enlightenment. This is an invitation into the truth of existence.

James Martinez lives in Austin Texas and since these insightful revelations and spiritual meetings with the divine, has given himself, his life and all his time to God Almighty. He is currently preparing for a publicity tour, including book tour, signings, speaking engagements, and TV and radio interviews beginning January 2013. Mr. Martinez also operates and maintains several websites and blogs.

ISBN 978-1-4497-6944-4

To place orders for the book, contact:
(WBP)Westbow Press
A Division of Thomas Nelson
1663 Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403
Toll-free: (866-928-1240)

To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Charlie Barrett at (310) 471-5764 or James Martinez at 512-939-0932 or JamesatJames-Martinezdotcom

Contact Information: Publicist:
James Martinez Charles Barrett
6603Krollton Dr. The Barrett Company
Austin, Texas 78745 12021 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 600
Telephone: (512) 939-0932 Los Angeles, California 90025 Telephone: (310) 471-5764

Contact Info

James Martinez
Phone: 512.939.0932
6603 Krollton Dr.
Austin, Tx. 78745

Release Info

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Press Keywords: God, The Holy Trinity, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Spirituality, Transcendence, Out-of-Body Experience, Spiritual energy, Chakras, Enlightenment, Supernatural Beings, Angels, Sixth Sense, Demons, Heavenly Realms, Heaven, Life Afterlife, OBE, Vortices, The Vortex, James Martinez
Press Company: James Martinez
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