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Obtaining Compensation for Accident Injuries

Submitted by: Shapiro Goldman Babboni & Walsh

2015-06-04 18:33:40

In addition to the thousands who lose their lives in accidents on America's roads and highways every year, more than 2 million suffer injuries that range from bruises to permanent disabilities. It is these individuals who are in need of accident injury compensation. However, they will almost certainly require legal representation to assure that they receive a just award. Providing such representation is the role of a personal injury attorney.

In the event of a vehicular accident, your primary concern should be for those who have been physically harmed. It is important for those injured to seek immediate treatment for both health reasons and because a delay could hamper any subsequent legal action. It is also important to report a serious accident to your insurance company, which will have the responsibility of working out who is responsible for the damages incurred and how much that party will have to pay. Unfortunately, determining who is responsible for an accident may not be an easy task.

Common causes of traffic accidents include speeding, unsafe lane changing and driving while under the influence of alcohol. There may also be factors that are less obvious but nevertheless contributory to some crashes, including the weather and the condition of the road. In some cases, bad tires or brakes or other defects in the vehicles involved may have caused or at least contributed to an accident. Establishing the exact cause may require the services beyond those available from an insurance company. In many cases, it requires intervention by a personal injury attorney.

Damages are usually awarded by the insurance company of the driver deemed at fault or by the victim's own insurance policy. However, an insurance provider will often go to great lengths to avoid paying the compensation that is needed. It may even try to place some of the responsibility for the accident on the victim. Under the principle of comparative negligence, the company may insist that while the other driver was speeding excessively, you were also going above the speed limit and thus partially responsible for the crash. This principle may be used to significantly reduce the damages you receive. It is an attorney who can level the playing field between an individual and an insurance provider.

Those injured in traffic accidents may in many cases be eligible for compensation beyond that provided by their auto and health insurance policies. These include damages to compensate for additional medical expenses, for lost wages and for the emotional pain related to the physical injury. You may also be eligible for punitive damages if the behavior of the other driver was malicious or particularly reckless. A personal injury attorney understands the law and the workings of the judicial system, and will use this knowledge to assure the best possible outcome of the case. In order to assure adequate compensation, the attorney may agree to settle out of court or, if necessary, will take the case before a jury.

There is no better advocate for the victims of traffic accidents than a personal injury attorney. This is the person you should turn to when seeking accident injury compensation.

If you have been injured in St. Petersburg auto accident fee free to contact our law firm for answers.

Visit our website at
or drop by our St. Petersburg Personal Injury Law Office at:
6446 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg FL, 33707

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Shapiro Goldman Babboni & Walsh
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