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New Book by Brent Phillips Proves Anyone can Live a Life of Significance

Submitted by: ultimatelifecoachbusinessbook

2012-12-29 00:01:53 digg facebook Email twitter print

In the book, Brent also points out that any Christian from any walk of life — by using the same principles used by Prophet Nehemiah — can live a life of significance in spite of overwhelming odds.

Athens-Clarke County, GA (OPENPRESS) Choosing Significance — Against All Odds, a new book written by teacher and Pastor Brent Phillips, proves that anyone can live a life of significance. The said book is designed to encourage and uplift people who perceive that life is meaningless by using biblical principles and characters.

Having faced several overwhelming odds during his lifetime, Phillips is now teaching others that by employing the same principles used by prophet Nehemiah, anyone can live a life of great significance. The book also tells his personal story, the things he went through and how he became a man of faith.

Kicked out of their home by his father, Brent, his mother and brother began a journey of living by faith on a daily basis believing God for food and shelter and healing. Now, decades later, Phillips' powerful new book is helping thousands overcome their own odds and live a life of enriching significance.

"My book serves as a tool to reconnect people with their faith, share some amazing biblical examples of how to live and, finally, to show people that the odds are always stacked in their favor," he said.

Some of the questions that the book seeks to answer are the following: What happens in your life when the odds are stacked against you? When the tough times come, can you still live a life of significance? Can you still make a difference in your world? It also explains what Nehemiah went through that caused him to step out of his comfort zone, live a life of significance and change history, in spite of facing overwhelming odds.

In the book, Brent also points out that any Christian from any walk of life — by using the same principles used by Prophet Nehemiah — can live a life of significance in spite of overwhelming odds.

"God's promises are most valuable in hopeless situations. God's light in us shines the brightest in the darkest of situations," Phillips said.

Due to the substantial content and sublimity of the book, it has gained worldwide praise from readers.

"I read this amazing story which is told in my friend's book. I am blessed to know the author and I can honestly say it comes from an honest and fervent heart seeking to make a difference wherever he endeavors to go. Worth reading and sharing with your friends, you won't be disappointed. Be ready to be challenged and look at your future with different eyes and perspectives, knowing that God can have you at His disposal to be significant wherever you are, for that is all God needs, a willing heart." — Pedro, Amazon reviewer

"This book grabs your very core. We all want to lead a significant life and feel as though our life counts for something!…A handbook for life…" - Andre Pontin

About the Author: Brent studied software engineering at Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa, and owned his own development company before moving to the U.S. in 2002, where he was ordained. He still continues to use his technology skills as an advisor to many companies and reaches across the globe for gospel through his blog and teaching. He serves as a Bible teacher for the Second Baptist Church in Houston where he makes his home with his wife Daniela, and their two children.

For more information about Choosing Significance — Against All Odds, contact Brent Phillips at 7133671859 or or visit

Contact: Brent Phillips
Book: Choosing Significance — Against All Odds

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Phone: 7548692843
Created for life coaches, wellness coaches, fitness coaches, corporate health coaches, professional speakers and other coaching specialties, "Ultimate Life Coach Business Book" offers a step-by-step path to success in coaching.

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