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Najaam Lee's First Solo Art Exhibition

Submitted by: NL ART Studio

2014-02-17 00:01:41 digg facebook Email twitter print

She's fashion, a model, actress, creative director. She's Ayurveda and a healer. But mid 2013 a shift took a hold of Najaam Lee's heart string so hard that it changed her world.

New York (OPENPRESS) Fashion expert, image consultant and lifestyle coach, Najaam Lee announced today her abstract series "Caught Your Spirit" was chosen for a solo art exhibition this coming summer of 2014 in New York City. Najaam Lee will be presenting her dynamic and intricate abstract oil and mixed media paintings.

Najaam's abstract series will be telling stories in a visual way. These stories are her experiences, thoughts, knowledge and observations. According to her this is an "Abstract Expressionism" in a new form. It is art that penetrates the mind and soul. Taking on topics that deal with life and society in one's personal space.

In her interview she explains her new found love of art, "Coming from a background of mixed media including fashion, art illustration, modelling, acting, photography, directing, and an in depth knowledge on Ayurveda and Holistic Healing, a shift took place mid 2013 that pulled my heart string so hard, I was shaken and taken back. You see, I've been a image consultant and lifestyle coach for over seven years, focused only on fashion and brand presentation, but at some point I desired to expand my wings further. Helping others look and feel good is my thing, but deep within I desired more. More expressive, more real, that could touch the core." Her show this summer aims to present those emotions and thoughts.

Currently, she is the creator and producer of the Hey Naj Show, a successful Q and A Talk Show aired via on Wednesdays. Najaam answers questions from so many viewers, gives advice, plus reviews products and discusses Hot Topics.

Najaam Lee lives and works in Westwood, Massachusetts. She is giving a behind the scenes look at some of her pieces she's working on for her art exhibition via her Instagram page (at) nlabstractart.

For more information about Najaam Lee's art exhibition, visit the new website of NL Art Studio.

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NL ART Studio
Phone: 8576001209
9 Norwest Dr. Westwood, MA 02090

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