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Mutual Ufo Network (mufon) Appoints New Assistant State Director In Utah

Submitted by: MUFON of Utah

2016-06-11 00:01:10 digg facebook Email twitter print

Utah chapter of the Mutual UFO Network appoints a new Assistant State Director to lead investigations of Unidentified Flying Objects and other unexplained phenomena.

(OPENPRESS) The Utah chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) appoints Robert Crowe to the position of Assistant State Director. Mr. Crowe is a former military special operations sergeant, residential remodeling contractor and professional photographer. His experience in observation, intelligence gathering and data collection is a great resource to the MUFON community. His proven leadership in current and past organizations, as well as being a proven business leader is an asset to the Utah chapter of MUFON.

"I believe Utah has so much to offer the rest of the country due to our proximity to the Nevada Test Site, Area 51, Dugway Proving Grounds, Skinwalker Ranch and so many other places. These locations are in addition to the number of reported sightings within our borders.", said Mr. Crowe in an email he recently sent to Utah Field Investigators. "My goal is to inform and educate the public about unidentified objects they observe and to train current and future members in Utah how to properly identify each case using the scientific method and other investigative tools.

About the Mutual UFO Network
The US Air Force decided to get out of the UFO investigation business in 1969 when it closed its infamous UFO program called Project Blue Book. That same year the civilian organization, MUFON stepped up to take its place. 47 years later, with thousands of members, and hundreds of investigators across the globe, MUFON has become the go-to organization for credible UFO research.

MUFON was founded by engineers, technology experts, law enforcement, and retired military personnel among others who felt that the Air Force left a lot of unanswered questions when they quit looking into this enigmatic subject. The Air Force's own consultant, well respected astronomer, Dr. J. Allen Hynek concluded "the UFO phenomenon as a whole is real." He even went on to continue his UFO research, and served as the main consultant for Steven Spielberg in the making of Spielberg's movie: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The Mutual UFO Network was created in 1969 for the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity through investigations, research and education. It has become the largest civilian UFO investigation organization with certified investigators across the country actively researching UFO reports.

Contact Info

MUFON of Utah
Phone: 801-822-9780
12168 Pond Ridge Rd
Draper, Utah 84020

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Press Keywords: UFO, Ufology, Utah, flying saucers, area 51, S4, Dugway Proving Grounds, Skinwalker Ranch, MUFON, Mutual UFO Network, Certified Field Investigators, Operation Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Allen Hynek, Orbs, Lights, craft, aliens, creatures, humanoids, cattle mutilations, crop circles
Press Company: MUFON of Utah
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