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Martin Richard the Youngest Victim Boston Bombing, Bronze Dedication Bridgewater State University Institute for Social Justice. The Power of Music & Art

Submitted by: Scott Fadynich

2015-09-27 12:50:56

The Power of Music: Healing

Martin Richard the youngest victim of the Boston Bombing, Bronze Dedication at Bridgewater State University Institute for Social Justice.

Saturday, September 26, 2015, Bridgewater State University will hold a ceremony to unveil a statue of Martin Richard. The University is erecting the Martin Richard Institute of Social Justice, dedicated to Martin, and is where the mother and father of Martin, Bill and Denise Richard, met and attended University.

Here is the unveiling of how three artists collaborated to help erect this statue, and their hope to heal with art.

In May of 2013, Linda Chorney, a native of Massachusetts, now residing in Arizona, went to pay her respects to the homegrown Memorial in Copley Square.

At 5:00 am the following morning, she could not sleep, unable get the image of eight year old, Martin Richard holding up the sign, "No more hurting people" just like millions of people. She wrote a song called "Martin" that morning, and recorded it two days later, recruiting other musicians, and children all wanting to contribute to the cause.

After shooting the music video in Massachusetts, she made the song available for download, intending to use the proceeds to have a statue of Martin made, based on the iconic photograph of Martin, holding the sign, "No more hurting people", as long as she would have the blessing of the Richard family.

She reached out to her childhood friend, Framingham resident, David Wells Roth, acclaimed portrait artist, to ask if he could recommend a sculptor. He highly recommended Attleboro resident, Victoria Guerina, and put them in touch.

When Linda described her vision of a life size bronze statue of Martin holding the sign, Victoria got it right away, and she eventually sent the prototype to Linda, in Arizona. When Chorney received it, she said, "That's it!"

Unfortunately, the proceeds from the download were not nearly enough to support a bronze statue, but enough for a canvas, paint, and a frame.

Linda then reached out to David Wells Roth, again, and asked if he would be willing to paint a portrait of Martin, gifting his time, to give the family. David lost his sister years ago, murdered in the White Mountains. His compassion was the motivation to paint the portrait.

Linda and David presented the portrait to the Richard's church, asking them to deliver it to the family.

18 months later, Chorney received a phone call from Bill Richard, who told her he not only was touched by the song and the portrait, but also loved Victoria's statue.

With Bridgewater State University dedicating the Institute to Martin, the Richard family wanted Guerina's statue for the campus.

Victoria Guerina, spent five months completing the bronze statue, and will speak at the unveiling.

The portrait of Martin, by David Wells Roth will also be displayed, and he will also attend.

Chorney traveled from Arizona for the honor of singing her song, "Martin" and Martin's favorite song, "We Shall Overcome" at the ceremony. Her introduction to the song will point out that Martin himself was, in fact, an artist. His sign is a work of art.

The artists hope their donated creations; and collaboration will provide not only comfort to the Richard family, but through art, help preserve the memory of Martin's life, healing, and his message of "No more hurting people" to the world. Linda Chorney "Martin"

Artist Contacts:
Victoria Guerina 617-921-2317
David Wells Roth 508-380-3739
Linda Chorney 732-963-7251

Contact Info

Scott Fadynich
Phone: 7329637977
5200 St Andrews Drive


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