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How You Can Learn That You Are Pregnant

Submitted by: Prestiga-Biz

2017-10-14 00:01:06 digg facebook Email twitter print

There are several ways to let a woman know if she is pregnant. The easiest one is take an online test. It is quite precise and absolutely free. During the test you need to answer up to 20 questions concerning early pregnancy signs.

(OPENPRESS) Have you remarked any changes in your condition? Usual things began to annoy you and things that repulsed you before begin to suit you? Maybe, all of this looks like pregnancy symptoms… You may have planned your baby or it can be a pleasant unexpected surprise, but the best thing now would be to be absolutely sure about it. So what to do? There are different ways to know if a woman is pregnant, so you can choose any of them or all at once! We advice you to begin with our number one, then pass to number two and finally to the last and the most important one to be absolutely sure.

Online Test
You should know that this kind of test can't substitute a consultation of a qualified gynaecologist. Its main goal is to quickly evaluate pregnancy possibility at home. In general, the internet test has these positive sides:

  • It takes a very little time. You will spend only a few minutes to answer the questions about your health.

  • It's free. You don't have to send payed text messages or transfer any money anywhere. You will get your result at once.

  • It's easy to use. Thanks to online test you can sort your situation out quickly without wasting extra time on scrolling multiple forums and sites.

  • It's precise. The precision of this internet test (if you answer the questions with sincerity, of course) is 95%.

Test strips
The second way of detecting pregnancy is using special strip tests that are sold at every drugstore. These strips contain a special reagent that reacts to presence of human chorionic gonadotropin — a hormone produced during pregnancy. There are different kinds of these strips, but they work similarly.

When you buy a test, you should make sure that it's not expired and the packaging isn't damaged. If it is, it's no use taking this test, as it will be unreliable. It's better to take a test in the morning when gonadotropin concentration in urine is at peak. You should take into account that sometimes this hormone begins to produce not at the sixth, but at the fourteenth day after conception. Home pregnancy tests are quite reliable and easy to use. You can buy and use them almost anywhere.

Pregnancy detection is possible with the help of ultrasound, but it can be informative only when the term is sufficient, when a developing foetus can be already seen and distinguished from a mucous membrane polyp.

There are two kinds of ultrasound for expectant mothers — transvaginal and abdominal ones. A transvaginal investigation is done with the help of introduction of a special sensor into the vagina. It is more informative because it can help to know about the conception already from the third week. The abdominal ultrasound (examination of abdomen) can prove a pregnancy only on the fifth — sixth week. The ultrasound is done at the hospital, a doctor will see your results and tell you if you are really pregnant.

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