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Fat Loss Factor Launches A Revolutionary Program Amidst Astringent Competition

Submitted by: Brandon Roger Press

2013-11-13 00:01:41 digg facebook Email twitter print

The new fat loss program "Fat Loss Factor" is now available all over the globe to bring long-term fat loss results for overweight people.

(OPENPRESS) "Fat Loss Factor" program is a newly-launched approach developed by Dr. Charles Livingston for people who are struggling with losing weight.

As many doctors always recommend diet and exercise to overweight people, Dr. Livingston's approach is never the same with other doctors. His method is based on the main task of the liver and he believes the method will bring long-term results. The methods used require not much effort.

Dr. Charles Livingston is a board certified chiropractor, an expert wellness specialist, a nutritionist, author and speaker. He developed the program for people who has difficulties in losing weight, and for people who has never achieved their dream body figure.

Exercise as well as diet, bring only a short-term result. The secrets to have a slim body are developed in the manual Fat Loss Factor.

It is a natural thing for human beings to store fat. According to Dr. Charles, "If the liver fails to break down cholesterol, fat begins to accumulate and cause obesity". The Liver Cleanse Diet is the reason why the Fat Loss Factor program continues to lead in popularity among weight loss systems. The Liver Cleanse is the most important method in the program, as the doctor stated, "If you clog up your liver with junk, it will be difficult to lose weight. So the idea is to get your liver healthy before starting a weight loss program".

Fat Loss Program is packaged with goodies, such as a recipe book, 15-minute workout programs, dietary guidelines, grocery shopping tutorials, goal and guideline diary, and other health-promoting guidelines. The program explains the techniques on how to lose weight fast for both women and men.
For more information about Fat Loss Program with an in-depth review visit

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