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Dr. Martine Rothblatt To Be First Guest On Hysky Society Podcast

Submitted by: HYSKY Society

2023-08-31 00:01:17 digg facebook Email twitter print

Dr. Martine Rothblatt, a pioneer in industries from satellite communications to hydrogen-fueled aviation, will be the inaugural guest on HYSKY Society's podcast, HYSKY Pod. Her appearance promises to offer valuable insights into innovation and technology.

(OPENPRESS) Dr. Martine Rothblatt, a trailblazing visionary, has defied limits and transformed multiple industries. As Forbes' "greatest business mind of the century," she's an extraordinary figure, challenging conventional boundaries.

Her journey begins at the United States Air Force Satellite Control Network in the Seychelles, inspiring her vision for global satellite communication to unite humanity. Rothblatt's influence extended to satellite communication through ventures like PanAmSat and SiriusXM, breaking monopolies and fostering innovation.

Her life took a new turn when her daughter was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Rothblatt founded United Therapeutics, developing life-saving treatments and devices, including 3D-printed organs, and expanding telemedicine.

Rothblatt's impact on aviation is equally remarkable. She pioneers electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for organ transport, addressing the organ shortage crisis. Companies like Piasecki Aircraft Corporation and EHang collaborate on these ventures.

Notably, Rothblatt's achievements include Guinness World Records in electric helicopter flight and FDA approvals for life-saving drugs. Her influence extends to xenotransplantation, utilizing genetically cultivated pig organs, promising a limitless supply of transplantable organs.

Rothblatt's mission to reduce aviation's environmental impact includes hydrogen-powered eVTOLs. She combines her love for aviation with her goal of delivering organs efficiently and sustainably.

Her work in artificial intelligence includes BINA48, a robot with a human mind file, embodying her belief in technological immortality. This concept is part of her Terasem Foundation's mission to explore human immortality through technology.

Rothblatt's numerous awards and recognitions, including Forbes' "top 50 self-made women" and the Benjamin Franklin Medal, highlight her impact.

Her extensive publications, such as "Virtually Human" and "From Transgender to Transhuman," delve into topics like digital immortality and the freedom of form.

Dr. Martine Rothblatt's story is a testament to limitless innovation and determination. Her work in satellite communication, biotechnology, aviation, and AI continues to push the boundaries of what's possible. Rothblatt's legacy will inspire generations to come.

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HYSKY Society
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