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Automation Devices' Swan-Matic Division Sees Growth in Emerging E-Vapor Market

Submitted by: Automation Devices, Inc.

2013-11-13 00:01:25 digg facebook Email twitter print

Swan-Matic, a bottle capping machinery manufacturer has seen a growing trend in the electronic cigarette market, capping e-vape or e-juice squeezable dropper bottles.

Erie, PA (OPENPRESS) Automation Devices, Inc.'s (ADI) capping division, Swan-Matic, has recently seen an upwards trend in capping for e-vape liquid, or e-juice, which is an essential component of the electronic cigarette market. Typically packaged in 5, 10, 15 or 30 mL squeezable, dropper bottles, Swan-Matic offers effective capping solutions to increase efficiency, save costs while improving ergonomic conditions and reducing user fatigue.
Swan-Matic Project Manager Sean Parker has seen a significant growth in this market in the last several months. "This application is a great fit for a C530 electric handheld capper," says Parker. "While a benchtop capper would be an acceptable alternative, the C530 would be easier to maneuver when capping such small bottles."
According to an article in the Washington Times, "Annual e-cigarette sales have gone from $20 million five years ago to as much as $1.7 billion this year."
"The electronic cigarette market doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon," says Parker. "People that I speak to in the industry are expanding every day and are constantly looking for ways to streamline their business. Swan-Matic cappers offer them a cost effective way to do that."

Swan-Matic is a division of Automation Devices Inc. and provides capping solutions and accessories designed for small to medium production runs to a wide variety of industries. A variety of handheld and bench-top cappers make up this product line along with aluminum driver shells and renewable inserts. For more information, visit or call 814-474-5561.

Contact Info

Automation Devices, Inc.
Phone: 814-474-5561
7050 West Ridge Road
Fairview, PA 16415

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Press Company: Automation Devices, Inc.
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