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Authors Radio Show Announces New Host

Submitted by: Free Publicity Focus Group

2008-12-31 00:02:26 digg facebook Email twitter print

Premier radio show for self published authors offers unique publicity opportunities

(OPENPRESS) December 31, 2008 -- Danielle Hampson, CEO and founder of both The Art Of Networking and, announced today that Don McCauley, founder and facilitator of FPFG, will take over the Authors Radio Show effective January 1, 2009.

'It is a perfect fit for The Authors Show," stated Ms. Hampson, 'as Mr. McCauley has 30 years of experience in strategic marketing and publicity. We feel his expertise in his field, and the fact that he works with many self-published authors, will bring benefits to both the show and, more importantly, to our guests."

There are a number of drawbacks inherent in the field of self publishing. 'Self published authors are often not given a fair chance," stated Ms. Hampson, 'and it is our fervent hope that we can help change this. It is a given that many self published authors are perhaps inexperienced due simply to the fact that they are new to publishing. However, the self publishing model offers much that the traditional model does not offer and deserves real recognition. Our show has been a leader in helping new and established authors get noticed in both traditional and non-traditional media. We have already greatly expanded the reach of The Authors Show, and will continue to do so as we move along throughout 2009 and beyond."

"I am excited to be a part of this," stated Mr. McCauley, "as the Internet is fast becoming the primary medium for marketing self-published books. I believe this show, along with the other channels offered by eBroadcast, create an unparalleled opportunity to help self published authors get their message directly into the hands of the book-buying public."

eBroadcast, which produces The Authors Show, also produces a television version of The Authors Show and the Women's Book Club. "Our combined outlets," stated Ms. Hampson, "offers a multi-faceted approach and a very well targeted opportunity to those hoping to get the word out about their books."

Interviews on the radio version of The Authors Show are offered at no charge to authors. Applicants for the show are required to fill out a simple form to provide basic information about their publication, and must provide a synopsis of the book, a simple headshot and a jpeg of the cover work. Interviews average 15 minutes in length and are rotated on a daily basis.

Further information regarding The Authors Show can be found at the group's website at Ms. Hampson can be reached by email at Further information is also available by contacting Don McCauley by email at

Contact: Danielle Hampson
The Authors Show
Phone: 1-877-955-8800

Contact Info

Free Publicity Focus Group
Phone: 910-842-9248
2259 Camelia Dr.
Supply NC 28462

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