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Ahsay: Online Backup Keeps Growing Strong

Submitted by: Ahsay System Corporation Limited

2008-12-30 00:01:13 digg facebook Email twitter print

'Despite the global financial crisis, researches indicated that online backup will stay strong with steady growth in 2009'

Hong Kong, (OPENPRESS) December 30, 2008 -- The global Economic Tsunami of 2008 is a major financial crisis, the worst of its kind since the Black Monday in 1987. The collapse of big investment banks were the typical symbols of this financial crisis. However, Ahsay, a world leading online backup software developer, is expecting to have strong growth under such fierce global economic environment. The company's turnover of 2008 is expected to surge significantly compared to 2007. Such growth is resulted not only from the uniqueness of the latest version 5.5 backup software, but also from various positive conditions in online backup market.

Global data continue to expand exponentially
Businesses users around the world are experiencing data explosion. IDC has projected that annual data growth rate in business sector is as high as 80%. Furthermore, the global storage capacity has reached 281 billion gigabytes in 2007 and these of course include irreplaceable business data. Research also indicated that this figure is still increasing at a rapid speed. Hence, the demand on data backup will be increasing. As a result, more and more businesses will start to look for online backup service providers.

Government regulations boost online backup in business sector
On the other hand, governments around the world have already started imposing regulations and acts on businesses for data protection. For instances,
United States
- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
- Sarbanes-Oxley Act,
- Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
- UK Data Protection Act
- The Companies Act
- EU Data Protection Directive
- EC Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations
- Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act
- Personal Information Protection Act

These regulations have made it clear that it is vital for businesses to setup proper offsite backup policies in preventing data lost. Thus, this will motivate more businesses to adopt online backup solution as it is the most convenient way to fulfill data protection regulations.

Broadband price is dropping
As Internet is one of the necessities in business environment nowadays, companies simply cannot operate without it. Recent studies from Point Topic indicated that the prices of broadband have dropped 20% in less than a year globally. With the lower costs but higher speed, enterprises will simply choose online backup for its conveniences and data safety. At the same time, as broadband will be idled most of the time during the night, online backup allows businesses to fully utilize the internet bandwidth during inactive period, and thus can achieve better return on their Internet expenses.

More businesses prefer online backup over tape
Moreover, a recent research conducted by a British based online backup service provider named Connect indicated that one fifth of small to mid-sized enterprises are now using online back-up software, which is more than double the figures for last year. The research also found that there is a 12 percent decrease in the use of traditional back-up tapes over the past twelve months. This research helps proving that businesses are gradually switching from traditional tape backup to online backup for better performance.

Tap the growing online backup market by becoming a service provider
Aforementioned factors are all favourable to running online backup business. There are plenty of money-making opportunities for I.T professionals who possess strong technical expertise to enter the online backup market by becoming service providers. In order to excel from others, it is vital to choose correct backup software which enables you to offer better quality service.

Ahsay is one of the best options for service providers
As pointed out above, Ahsay is having strong growth under current economic environment. This tremendous result is truly a reflection to its outstanding software and customer service. Ahsay places strong emphasis on its service provider partners and keeps improving its software so as to make its partners able stand out among other competitors.

Ahsay Partner Seminars 2009
Ahsay will be organizing Partner Seminars in London and Los Angeles on May 1 and May 22, 2009 respectively. By then, Ahsay's executives will explain to visitors its latest product features, and most importantly, how to tap the backup market by partnering with the company. For details and registration, please visit its website:

About Ahsay Systems Corporation
Ahsay Systems Corporation has been the world's leading backup solution developer. Currently, it has over 2,500 partners of service providers and value-added resellers. Ahsay Backup Software has achieved over 700,000 installations worldwide as of December 2008.

PR Contact:
Harry Zhao
Ahsay Systems Corporation
Address: 12/F, 111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3580 6975
Fax: +852 3580 8037

Contact Info

Ahsay System Corporation Limited
Phone: +852 67688265
12/F, 111 Leighton, Causeway Bay. Hong Kong

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