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Agricultural Mulch Film: Behind the Scenes at the Rose Parade

Submitted by: Meritus Media Inc

2008-12-31 18:59:13 digg facebook Email twitter print

The amazing factors, including agricultural mulch film, that result in the Tournament of Roses

Los Angeles, CA (The Open Press) December 31, 2008 -- On January 1, 2009, millions of spectators from around the globe will witness the 120th annual Rose Parade, live from Pasadena, California. A world-renowned and loved tradition, the Rose Parade—or the Tournament of Roses, as it is officially titled—brings together breathtaking displays of craftsmanship exclusively utilizing flowers and organic materials.

For the organizations designing and building these magnificent floats, work begins well before the parade. By the previous July, work has begun on basic frameworks. By September, chassis have been completed. As of October, animation elements are finished. In December, dry decoration is commenced and the final fresh decoration is done just after Christmas.

The flowers used are on no small scale. One company, Phoenix Floats, built 19 floats for this year's parade. Just for those 19 floats, an astounding 20 million flowers were used, including 400,000 roses and 550,000 carnations. Such quantities—especially of blooms that are fresh on the day of the parade—are obviously not available from the local florist. They are carefully grown and harvested around the world, rushed in days before the event and hand-applied by hundreds of volunteers.

Flower farming requires tender care. Soil must be fertilized and contain the correct nutrients for the specific plants being grown. As they raise from the earth and bloom, they must be protected from harmful insects, weeds and even in some cases harmful rays of the sun. A key element utilized in the farming of flowers is agricultural mulch film—also known as row covers—used to protect plants at crucial periods in their growth. A leading example is the agricultural mulch poly film provided by PolyPAK America. Made from 100% prime polyethylene, the product is available in 2 forms—standard and fumigation barrier—and in clear, tinted, colored and black and white for specific applications.

On the morning of the Rose Parade, and for several days afterward, the fruits of these careful labors make their ways down Colorado Boulevard, exciting the world with their colorful splendor. Many do not know the work that has gone into them—but millions certainly enjoy them.

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Meritus Media Inc
Phone: 626-296-6218
2400 Lincoln Ave Ste 219
Altadena, CA. 91001

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