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Interest in Asexuality Welcome Surprise for Shades of Gay Author

Submitted by: Narrow Path Publishing

2010-09-29 00:34:02

Raleigh, NC (OPENPRESS) September 29, 2010 -- When Stephanie Silberstein decided to include an asexual character in her LGBTQ-oriented teen novel, Shades of Gay, she wasn't prepared for people's response. Not only was her press release republished on asexual-friendly blogs but several non-asexuals have approached her online to ask for more information about asexuality or about her personal experiences as an asexual.

"Writing Emily's character was immensely personally satisfying," Silberstein says. "There just aren't very many asexual characters in literature, and I was able to write about someone who was like I was when I was seventeen: a normal teen who just happened not to have any interest in sex."

Silberstein did not expect, however, that Emily's asexuality would be of interest to anyone other than other asexuals. She has already fielded questions from some of the people on her editing team as well as connected with both asexuals and non-asexuals through an article on asexuality she wrote for the Squidoo web service.

"I'd written the novel with LGBTQ advocacy in mind," Silberstein says. "I was hoping to give hope to suicidal youth." She had not considered advocating for the asexual community but is excited to have the opportunity to do so. She is encouraged by the interest in Emily's asexuality and plans to feature her in a sequel to Shades of Gay within the next couple of years.

Emily is one of three non-heterosexual teens featured in Shades of Gay. She suffers from an unrequited crush on the novel's protagonist, who is gay, and must learn to cope with the changing nature of their relationship.

Shades of Gay is slated to be released in mid or late October. Silberstein announced last month that the novel would feature artwork by transgender artist D Gavi Chayim and that ten percent of profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the Trevor Project, a national LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.

For more information, please visit or

Stephanie Silberstein
919-710-0473 .

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Narrow Path Publishing
Phone: Not Given
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Raleigh, NC 27606

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