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  Saturday, June 15th 2024 - 3:08am EDT
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The Power of Self: Reclaiming the I AM
ISBN: 2147483647
Genre: Self-Help
Author: LeNora Millen

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2012-06-17 12:12:12

The Power of Self, once natural and intimate to man speaks of the internal flame burning within the intensity of a time when humankind embraced power with a force that speaks to God and nature. Within the vastness of the universe, nature taunts man to reconnect to a forgotten power to emerge with renewed spirit and hope. Connecting with nature, the spark within man began to dim, the “I am” would venture deep within the psyche of man. Why and how did man lose touch with the essence of such a powerful inner strength? Is it possible to transform thinking to connect to the “I am?”

The Power of Self is not just a book about transforming and evolving. The content flowing through the pages of the book is about intimacy with self, far beyond merely “knowing self,” which is the key to becoming more aware and self-empowered.