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  Saturday, June 15th 2024 - 3:03am EDT
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Making a Killing - An End of the World Black Comedy
ISBN: 1857760808
Genre: Action/Thriller
Author: William M. Johnson

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2012-06-11 12:12:12

When Dr Ernest Walters and his research team are murdered in the Aguarico Parrot Preserve, news of the deaths has massive repercussions on the Earth Summit, held in the troubled Caribbean paradise of San Pimente.

Here, the world's dignitaries and power-brokers are gathering to save the planet, which has been given just five years to live. With every nation out for itself, the delegates gleefully embrace sustainable exploitation - the fashionable euphemism for business as usual. While the ozone holes gape and the greenhouse hots up, the hunting and shooting continues. But the Aguarico murders expose rattling skeletons in VIP closets internationally, and they threaten to bring the Summit edifice crashing to its foundations. It is time for the animals themselves to confront the weakening human species and march on San Pimente...

William M Johnson's critically-acclaimed satire, Making a Killing, has recently been republished by Iridescent Publishing as an Amazon Kindle ebook []. The publication marks the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit (June 20-22), when some 50,000+ dignitaries, bureaucrats, scientists, nature managers, conservationists, business leaders, celebrities, and the world’s press will once again converge upon glamorous Rio de Janeiro for the UN’s "Rio+20" Earth Summit - billed as a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to save the planet.

With elephant-hunting royalty again in the news, nature managers insisting that endangered species must be made to pay for their own conservation, sea levels on the rise and deserts on the march, the frenetic political escapism, corporate wheeling and dealing, and media frenzy that Making a Killing flayed back in 1996, are if anything even more acute today - and just as deserving of this satire's poison-tipped pen.

A conservation insider with 30 years' experience with some of the top names in international nature protection, William M Johnson's other published works include the non-fiction The Rose-Tinted Menagerie, an Observer Book of the Year, soon to be re-released by Iridescent.

An End of the World Black Comedy, 'the deepest shade of noir...' — BBC Wildlife

'[A] highly original, often unexpectedly witty but frightening tale of man’s destruction of the Earth and his seeming indifference to the fate of all creatures but his own. William M Johnson courageously pulls no punches. No one is spared. There are no innocents, either here or abroad... This sharp, brilliantly observed book deserves a wide audience.' - Virginia McKenna

'A mind-blowing and witty exposé... A no-holds barred, no mercy account of the conservation mercenaries' (Have Bad News - Will Travel — First Class) successful efforts to get a rich living from a dying planet... A 'must' for the guilty and the innocent so that lessons can be learned before it is too late.' - Ian MacPhail, a founder of World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

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