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The Acts of Judas
ISBN: 1931742847
Genre: Action/Thriller
Author: Georgiann Baldino

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2005-02-09 10:36:59

An ancient scroll, written by Judas Iscariot, puts its discoverer on a
collision course with terrorists.

Linda Rhodes discovers a manuscript that appears to be from the same period
as the Dead Sea Scrolls, but before she can authenticate the relics, Muslim
terrorists take control of the archaeology site and murder a Jordanian

The main character is a representative figure, symbolizing the United
States' presence in the Middle East. Linda focuses on her mission but does
not fully appreciate the deteriorating conditions surrounding her
expedition. She controls a dig site in Jordan, but nothing in her training
or life experience prepares her for the global war on terror.

Praise for "The Acts of Judas"
"On one level this is a thriller featuring chase and adventure across the
Middle East, along with a hint of romance. On another level, this is a
complex work that provides a deep insight into the religious differences in
the region that shape behavior and politics still today. Using her extensive
research into various religions via a number of sources, the author explains
the religious and cultural history of a large portion of the Middle East
while at the same time telling an engrossing story. This is not something
that is an easy thing to do, but in this case, the teaching and the fiction
blend almost seamlessly together. In so doing, the author has created a read
that is a very good book and leaves the reader with plenty to think about
after turning the last page."
Kevin Tipple, Reviewer & Interviewer
The Blue Iris Journal, Hardluck Stories Zine and The Mystery Morgue

The Acts of Judas
A Novel by Georgiann Baldino
$13.50 Trade paperback
293 pages
Published by Treble Heart Books
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