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We Are The Socks
ISBN: 1942011032
Genre: Spirituality
Author: Daniel L. Buttry

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2015-10-21 16:50:27

Peacemaking One Sock at a Time

Every day, we hear tragic news from conflicts around the world. Who could hope to make a difference? Peacemaking seems impossible; unless you're Daniel L. Buttry.

For decades, Dan has worked in some of the most dangerous corners of the world, training clergy and lay people to act as peacemakers. He leads conflict resolution, coaches the next generation of activists and channels anger over injustice into nonviolent action. Dan has helped these peace movements around the world, in part, by writing books that showcase how ordinary men and women can change the world.

His newest book also is his most personal, beginning with his own story about, yes, about socks. "Pack extra socks to give away." That was the message that scrolled through Dan's mind while preparing for a peacemaking trip in Liberia. He did pack socks. And, in Africa, he discovered why those extra socks became such a simple, yet life-changing decision. This experience inspired him, challenged him, and troubled him. It's a story he tells, now, to groups he visits around the world. It's a story of God's providence; it was the motivation for this book;and it will inspire you, as well, to realize that small choices can make a big difference.

In We Are The Socks, Dan invites readers to travel with him to dangerous, often war-torn regions. Yet, armed with a crew of trained professionals, and a lot of grace, Dan manages to find sources of hope. You'll want to savor these stories and share them with friends.

"Dr. Buttry ... gets people moving ... He knows that lecturing is not enough; for peace depends upon forming new patterns of relationship, and he is adept at promoting these."

Molly T. Marshall, President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation at Central Baptist Theological Seminary.

"In this book, Dan shares stories of people summoning the courage to get uncomfortable, to risk, to forgive, to discern each other's humanity through the fog of long-held enmity, bigotry and undeniable legitimate reasons not to trust each other."

David LaMotte, singer, songwriter, author and speaker.

"What Dan Buttry does in We Are The Socks is what he does better than anyone I know: Write vivid, easy-to-read narratives that are hopeful but not sentimental, honest but not cynical, revealing without being voyeuristic, personal without being self-serving, sometime humorous but never silly." Ken Schested, author and editor of

Daniel L. Buttry describes himself as a "Peace Warrior." Raised in a military family, he has become a global peace activist. He works as the Global Consultant for Peace and Justice with International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches. He travels to conflict zones around the world to teach peace-building, nonviolence and reconciliation. He works primarily with church groups as his own passion for peacemaking comes from his deep Christian faith. But with so many conflicts involving religious lines of division, Buttry engages in peacemaking across those faith lines. His writing and his activism have helped him to discover hopeful new forms for inter-religious encounters.

Buttry's personal and community life feeds his global work. He and his wife Sharon are both ordained American Baptist clergy, and both committed to urban ministry. They live in Hamtramck, Michigan, an urban municipality surrounded by Detroit. They have been involved in interfaith work as well as local community and school nonviolence work.

We Are The Socks
Daniel L. Buttry, Author
Foreword by David LaMotte; Preface by Molly T. Marshall
Introduction by Ken Sehested

Read The Spirit Books; ISBN 978-1-942011-03-3
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers.

Paperback: $17.95; Ebook: $9.95

About ReadTheSpiritBooks:
Since 2007, ReadTheSpiritBooks has been publishing authors with a purpose; to improve the world, one story at a time. Media means connection. Good media builds good community. Most of ReadTheSpirit's books are designed for individual reading and also for small-group discussion. We Are The Socks is part of a larger collection of books by writers that encourage peacemaking, celebrate diversity, strengthen caregivers, rebuild impoverished communities, train the next generation of leaders and, most importantly, inspire their readers to enjoy a better day. To find out more about ReadTheSpiritBooks please see their website: or contact them at