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How I Would Help the World
ISBN: 0877853363
Genre: Spirituality
Author: Helen Keller with introduction by Ray Silverman

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2011-04-01 18:48:01

This is more than just a beautifully written book of prose with lovely
photographs. It is an invitation into Helen's spiritual world and
provides a glimpse of what inspired her to rise above the darkest of
times personally and professionally. Author and humorist Mark Twain
wrote, "She doesn't just know merely things, she is splendidly familiar
with the meanings of them her pages are electric with light."
What was the secret behind Helen's invincible optimism? It was her
discovery of the wisdom contained in Emanuel Swedenborg's teachings
about the importance of love and truth over materialism and
selfishness and how these could help heal the world. Each page is
alive with stories of personal appreciation, breakthroughs, and
transformation. Helen supports us as we experience our own deep
connections to a nobler and more loving view of life.
Memoir, Christianity, Spirituality.