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Canine and Abled Taking The Dis Out of Disabled
ISBN: 1413458262
Genre: Inspirational
Author: Kimberly Carnevale

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2004-12-30 21:18:34

Kimberly Carnevale was a professional athlete vying for a spot on the United States Equestrian Team until a horrible accident left her permanently disabled. Prior to becoming her service dog, Dewey was an abandoned pup in deparate need of rescuing. Kimberly adopted the dog, unaware that her good deed would lead to her own rescue. Dewey's remarkable intelligence, ability and commitment earned him the title of service dog and gave Kimberly the much needed assistance that would take her recovery to a level no doctor or medication could achieve.

With her service dog by her side, Kimberly was able to carve out a new dream from the rubble of her shattered one. Together, along with Dewey's protege, Dawson, they created an award-winning service dog awareness/motivational program called, Canine and Abled(TM) that inspires and touches the lives of many. The trio continues to make appearances and have embarked upon a journey that is nothing short of a miracle...