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Return to Your First Love
ISBN: 0984097414
Genre: Inspirational
Author: Teresa R. Jones

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2009-07-21 21:40:49

Love is desired by all, yet it eludes many...
Start anew with the Source.

God stands at door of the heart and knocks. His hand extends toward His children to lead them in a loving, intimate relationship with Himself and others. No one has to live a life of defeat. Teresa Jones shares her remarkable story of overcoming life struggles that hinder many, including ...

v Family Dysfunction
v Low Self-Esteem
v Teen Peer Pressure
v Dating Pitfalls
v Sexual Immorality
v Forgiving Self & Others
v Marital Problems
v Financial Hardship
You too can be victorious over these life struggles and more.

Return to Your First Love is not the typical self-help/relationships book filled with anecdotes and quotes from experts. Readers are invited to sit in the front row to experience actual events that dig deep and expose carnality and misconstrued ideas about Christianity, which will in turn guide them to a path of true intimacy with God.

Author Teresa Jones walks readers through decades of her life, and share valuable lessons that have been both beneficial as well as costly. Her life experiences will speak to anyone no matter the stage of life. Return to Your First Love is a timely message that edifies, exhorts and encourages in times of uncertainty. Readers will be compelled and encouraged to seek a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.