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Local Author Releases Third Book In The Urban Survivor Series

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2016-06-25 00:01:45 digg facebook Email twitter print

Local author Kennon Ward "The Urban Garden Meister" has released his third book to help people thrive during a prolonged electrical grid outage.

Pueblo, CO (OPENPRESS) His books deal with low tech methods to survive when the electric grid is out for a prolonged period of time. He is not a traditional survivalist. His methods rely on time tested methods for a community to thrive after the electricity goes out. By banding together and using the resources left over or discarded in the immediate area you will be able to thrive. He stresses the community being prepared to help themselves, and not rely on the government for help.

As we see in California with the rolling black outs the electric grid is one natural or man made disaster from a cascading collapse. When this happens it will be up to the local communities to band together so all will survive. Using some of Kenn's advise a community will be able to thrive and recover from almost any disaster or other action. Book three is for the longest period of time dealing with a power outage of one month to a year. It builds on the previous two books. Each dealing with a longer period of time. Book one is for the immediate outage to less than a week. Book two deals with an outage of one week to a month. All the books in the series stress living in harmony with the land.

Mr. Ward is an Army veteran and a military trained survivalist. He has survived in Desert, Woodland, and Jungle environments. His training started when he was living on Camp Lejeune in North Carolina where his father was stationed in the early 60's. He learned from US Marines and Seals how to live undetected. He also learned woodland crafts from his relatives who grew up in the 1890's — to the 1970's. His paternal Grandfather was a Command Sargent Major in the US Army Infantry. He taught Mr. Ward many skills to live off grid and in harmony with nature.

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