Insight Hospital & Medical Center Receives An A Rating From The Leapfrog Group

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2023-05-14 00:01:41

The renowned hospital in Chicago receives the highest rating in healthcare services, recognizing its commitment to quality patient care.

(OPENPRESS) Insight Hospital & Medical Center, one of the best Chicago hospitals, recently announced receiving an "A" rating from The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit organization focused on healthcare safety and quality. This rating is the highest score a hospital can receive and underscores Insight's commitment to providing high-quality, patient-centered care.

A spokesperson said, "We are incredibly honored by this recognition. As a community-based healthcare organization, we are dedicated to providing excellent medical care in a welcoming and comforting environment. Our highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals strive to meet the needs of every patient while delivering timely and cost-effective services. This rating is a testament to our hard work providing the best healthcare to our patients."

The Leapfrog Group's Hospital Safety Grade assigns an A, B, C, D, or F grade to hospitals across the US based on their performance in preventing medical errors, infections, and other harm among patients in their care. According to the best cardiologist in Chicago, these gradings will be updated twice annually. Insight is one of fifteen hospitals to obtain an A rating from the organization.

Insight offers a comprehensive range of clinical services, with doctors from every field ready to provide the best care possible. They are also the proud recipient of the URAC® Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation, a prestigious status awarded to healthcare services for quality care and patient safety. Besides medical treatments, Insight also researches enhancing healthcare and offers educational programs for aspiring healthcare professionals.

According to studies, preventable medical errors, injuries, accidents, and hospital infections kill nearly 200,000 people annually. Researchers also reveal that almost 30,000 lives can be saved if all hospitals provide the same level of treatment that 'A' hospitals in Chicago offer. Safety grades are helpful for patients looking for a safe and reliable healthcare provider like Insight.

"We believe our patients deserve the best experience in the world when they enter our facilities. Our community requires nurturing and support. Our society will continue to thrive when we care for the most vulnerable," said the spokesperson.


Insight Hospital & Medical Center is one of the leading healthcare centers offering high-quality medical services for patients in a safe and secure environment. To know more, visit


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