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2023-04-26 00:01:47

Windy City Signs & Graphics manufactures indoor business signs. Learn how the signage company meets the visual communication needs of Chicago-area businesses.

Chicago, IL (OPENPRESS) Today, Windy City Signs & Graphics, a Chicago sign company, announces that its custom sign and graphic services include interior business signs for retailers, restaurants, and other enterprises.

Beginning with an initial consultation and design, the company handles the entire sign manufacturing and installation process. It also offers sign repairs and maintenance. While the company's team is capable of fabricating a wide range of indoor business signs, it says five types are frequently requested:

• Lobby signage

• Room identification signage

• ADA signs

• Directory signs

• Floor vinyl graphics

By using modern equipment and manufacturing techniques, Windy City Signs & Graphics can produce signs made from vinyl, wood, steel, and other materials which allows them to craft signs within their clients' budgets that meet their signage goals. The company creates signs for as little as $50, depending on the size, complexity, and the materials used. Temporary and portable signs are also available for businesses to showcase their brand to prospects at trade shows and other events.

In addition to its dedication to superb customer service, Windy City Signs & Graphics distinguishes itself from other sign companies by checking that its customers' signs comply with local ordinances and building codes.

Regarding the importance of indoor signs, the company says, "They help you personalize your space, improve customer experience, and can even help you grow sales. Some, such as ADA signs, are even required by law."

The company has also stressed the importance of signage for new businesses, saying, "entrepreneurs need to invest in interior signs in Chicago that set their brand apart from others, especially those located in multi-tenant establishments. By having signs that are cohesive with your branding strategy, your target audience can easily distinguish your brand from a certain distance and remember your company when they need to purchase a product or service you offer."

Not all of the signs the company creates are customer-facing. For clients in the warehousing and manufacturing industries, many signs are safety reminders, warnings, and guides for navigating buildings.

Windy City Signs & Graphics provides free consultations to new customers. To begin the quote process, businesses can contact the company on their website, , or by calling their office at (312) 448-7556.

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