Elite Spectrum Aba Now Offers Occupational Therapy

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2022-07-12 00:01:32

Elite Spectrum ABA is a professionally owned and operated clinic specializing in behavior analysis and speech-language pathology for children with autism in Houston, TX.

(OPENPRESS) Elite Spectrum ABA is pleased to announce that they now offer pediatric occupational therapy services for clients in the Houston area to address motor, cognitive, sensory, communication, and play development. The clinic believes in taking a multidisciplinary approach to caring for children on the autism spectrum with sensory and behavioral concerns to give them a good quality of life with appropriate life and social skills and behavior.

At Elite Spectrum ABA, they specialize in verbal behavior and applied behavior analysis therapy, speech therapy, and ongoing care for children on the autism spectrum. The addition of pediatric occupational therapy allows their team to teach children essential life skills through sensory integration, gait training, and balance and coordination. Keisha Wells, the clinic owner, collaborates with other specialists to provide these occupational therapy services to help children take more steps toward an independent lifestyle. Their team will work with Houston Pediatric Therapy to offer this valuable service.

Mona Sharique, a pediatric therapist at Houston Pediatric Therapy, states, "Houston Pediatric Therapy is happy to partner with Elite to provide the highest quality of service for OT and PT." Both teams are excited to work together to benefit children and help them develop essential skills that serve them well for a lifetime.

Providing all therapies in one location gives children a higher chance of success. Therapists can communicate and collaborate for better continuity of care. A child's registered behavior technician (RBT) will attend occupational therapy sessions to observe and suggest strategies to benefit their occupational therapy. The ABA team can also get hands-on experience regarding each child's goals to implement into ABA therapy.

Anyone interested in learning about pediatric occupational therapy and how it helps children with autism can find out more by visiting the Elite Spectrum ABA website or calling 713-730-9335.

About Elite Spectrum ABA

Elite Spectrum ABA is a professionally owned and operated clinic specializing in behavior analysis and speech-language pathology for children with autism in Houston, TX. Their facility offers one-on-one ABA therapy, social skills training, parent training, autism education, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other services. They work closely with patients and their families to give them critical skills to address life challenges.

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