Gone But Not Forgotten: 9/11 And Covid-19 Victims Remembered

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2022-05-12 00:01:41

Gone But Not Forgotten is an online service created to remember, and honor those lost to Covid-19 across the globe. The serive is free.

(OPENPRESS) Gone But Not Forgotten is a new project created to honor and remember those who lost their lives due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

The project covers more than 224 countries and territories with people who died from the deadly pandemic.

"It is a huge undertaking, the first of its kind of this scope to date," said Thony Anyiam, an inventor, and fashion designer by profession, and the founder of Gone But Not Forgotten.

The idea is to put a face to the millions from near and far lands across the globe that lost their lives to COVID-19. Stories, told by those who knew and loved them the most—stories that are not shown on the evening news.

Anyiam said, "The goal is to make the website a permanent memorial stay on the Internet, where people can post and read stories about the lives of friends, family members, and ordinary folks worldwide that died from the deadly virus, and how the loss affected their lives for free!"

New stories are added daily as they come in. You can submit and read stories in any of the major languages using the language translator menu on the website. www.gonebutnotforgotten.online

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