Timer Inc. Invites Applications For Its Advanced Emt Course In Ny, Classes Beginning In September

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2022-03-23 00:01:58

TIMER Inc. advanced EMT course in NY is focused on upskilling EMTs looking to advance their careers

New York, NY (OPENPRESS) TIMER Inc. recently announced its new batch for its advanced EMT course in NY and invited applications. The course is focused on supporting EMTs to sharpen their life-saving skills further and help them impress the top employers in the industry. The program offers certification to help individuals advance their careers and grab better work opportunities.

Good help is hard to find, especially regarding reliable workers in a crisis. Every employer wants their emergency medical technicians to be prepared when an emergency happens. Considering that EMT is an in-demand job in Staten Island, NY, right now, TIMER Inc. has come up with this advanced course that equips candidates with essential life-saving skills that employers look for. With this EMT training in NYC, emergency medical technicians can find better opportunities by positioning themselves better in the market.

"Training Institute for Medical Emergencies & Rescue is proud to provide EMT classes in Staten Island, NY, to those who know that a life of helping people is right for them. Our advanced EMT program is focused on preparing EMTs for the emergencies they will face and teaching them how to assess a wide range of medical conditions. We look forward to hearing from our trainees about their learning experiences," said a team member.

The Advanced EMT Course is also an excellent opportunity for businesses tired of searching "emergency medical services near me" on search engines and getting no satisfactory results. Employers can enroll their EMT teams in this course and train them on how to address and handle emergencies quickly and effectively using Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques and equipment. The program aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel as an EMT, with knowledgeable, experienced instructors by their side to give them valuable insight into real-world emergency medical care.

TIMER Inc. has always been instrumental in introducing students to the basics of emergency care and teaching them how to efficiently address the needs of patients while transporting them to a medical center.

For more information, visit https://www.timeremt.com/course-information/.

About TIMER Inc.

Training Institute for Medical Emergencies and Rescue (TIMER) provides comprehensive EMT training. For more than 39 years, the team has been striving to ensure all professionals going into this field are ready for whatever it brings. TIMER Inc. started as a small group of Regional Emergency Medical Services Council (RESMCO) teachers in 1980. When New York began its official instructor curriculum, the group evolved into an EMS courses organization by retaining some of its long-term staff and onboarding new trainers.

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