New Natron™ Pp3 Primer For Plastics From Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Submitted by: Boston Industrial Solutions

2021-09-30 00:01:52

Woburn, Massachusetts - Ink manufacturing company, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces Natron™ PP3 inkjet Primer for plastics.

(OPENPRESS) Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces a high-performance primer for inkjet, the Natron™ PP3 Primer. This primer is designed to improve print quality and ink adhesion on both plastic and rubber substrates. This primer for inkjet printing is also ideal to use with pad printing inks, screen printing inks, and eco-solvent inkjet printing inks.

This single component primer improves ink adhesion and print quality on plastics and makes colors more vibrant. Unlike the Natron™ PP Primer, which is aggressive on some plastics, the PP3 inkjet primer will not change the surface finish of the plastic, has a low sweet smell, yet is effective on all plastic substrates.

Like all Natron™ primers, this primer has undergone rigorous testing to ensure perfect adhesion onto difficult to print plastic and rubber substrates.

Some of the key features for the PP3 inkjet primer are:

• Improved shelf appeal via increased resolution and image quality,

• Increased durability,

• Fast drying time—increasing productivity,

• Does not affect substrate surface finish (visually undetectable once applied),

• Works on many plastic substrates.

The Natron™ PP3 Primer is a great addition to your inkjet printing operation. It will help improve print quality, increase print durability, reduce cost, and boost productivity. To learn more visit:

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