Chefsecrets Introduces Valentine's Special Delivery Menu

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2021-02-16 00:01:39

Preparing for Valentine's day, ChefSecrets introduces a custom 3-course delivery menu of scrumptious dishes to make the occasion a little more special.

London (OPENPRESS) ChefSecrets has created and introduced a custom delivery menu for the coming Valentine's week. The menu is a 3-course special, designed keeping in mind the theme of the week. ChefSecrets is one of the top food caters and event management provider in London, extendingits five-star services to a wide range of private and corporate events.

"Whether you're single or relationship, it doesn't matter. 14th February is a special occasion to celebrate love with your partner, friends, and family members. And what's a celebration without some delicious foods? Keeping that in mind, this year we are bringing a custom delivery menu that's made specifically keeping in mind the feels and relevance of the Valentine's Day," said a Senior Chef at ChefSecrets. "We just wanted people to enjoy this day, have some great meals, and make memories with people they care about. That's all this is about!"

The valentine's special by ChefSecrets is a 3-course delivery menu.The starters include Luxury Prawn Cocktail with champagne Marie Rose sauce. The main course includes Beef Wellington with creamy mash potato, cabbage, asparagus, and a mild mushroom sauce (or Jus). The dessert includes a double chocolate cookie skillet. The food box packing this special menu is delivered straight to customers' homes.

ChefSecrets is a well-renowned name, offering end-to-end catering solutions to private and corporate events of all sizes. From affordable wedding catering that involves hundreds of people to an afternoon party with five family members, it offers its 5-star services to every catering needs and requirements. The chefs and the team at ChefSecrets have extensive experience in preparing delicious foods for diverse events. It offers a custom menu, allowing hosts to customize their menu per the needs and requirements of the event.

"At ChefSecrets, we don't just focus on foods but the experience that foods deliver. This is what separates us from other corporate, private, and affordable wedding catering providers. Since the beginning we have committed to uphold the highest of quality in our offerings," said the executive chef at ChefSecrets. "Our services are tailored to our customer's unique needs. We listen to what kind of event the person wants to host, what's the theme, what's the dietary requirement of the guests. Our experienced team works hard to create the best custom menu, deliver excellent service and take events to the next level."

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ChefSecrets is one of the leading catering services provider based in London, trusted by thousands of people. It offers a wide solution, catering to diverse and distinct needs of private and corporate events, from birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries to seminars and meetings. The team at ChefSecrets are recognized to prepare scrumptious foods, custom menu, and five-star services.For more information, please get in touch with ChefSecrets. Go here

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