Leading Autism Services Provider Offering ABA Therapy in and Around St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri--AB Spectrum's ReggioABATM Therapy Helps Children with ASD Succeed

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2020-12-03 00:01:18

Autism and Behavioral Spectrum is a private ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy center committed to building respect, responsibility, and community for a brighter future.

St. Louis, MO (OPENPRESS) AB Spectrum, an early intervention and diagnostic clinic offers comprehensive Autism services in the St. Louis area of Missouri. With Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy clinics in Chesterfield and St. Charles, Missouri, along with in-home therapy options throughout St. Louis, AB Spectrum's ABA therapy programs are helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) thrive.

AB Spectrum's team of licensed diagnostic evaluators, MD physicians, and qualified ABA practitioners seamlessly collaborates with clients and their primary health care providers for Autism diagnosis and early interventions. Their Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) develop and supervise tailor-made ABA therapy interventions, while their Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) provide in-home one-to-one therapy or clinic-based group therapy to children with ASD. The entire team is passionate about creating meaningful and long-lasting changes in the lives of children with ASD, as well as their families.

AB Spectrum is the world's first ReggioABATM clinic. Essentially, the ReggioABATM philosophy focuses on a child-led curriculum and a "Therapy through Play" approach. Their highly trained team of professionals works on the development needs of every child through constant collaboration and communication in an ABA therapy environment. AB Spectrum clinics have been endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and US surgeon general for a number of therapies based on the ABA principles, including:

• Discreet Trial Training (DTT)

• Natural Environment Training (NET)

• Positive Behavior Support

• Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Despite the increasing number of ASD cases in the US, there remains a shortage of trusted Autism services providers in many communities. AB Spectrum's founder, Naina Aijaz Haider says she and her team endeavor to close this gap by widening their reach in and around the St. Louis area of Missouri. "Until a few years ago, families in Missouri encountered significant wait times for both, Autism diagnosis and treatments. Though our ReggioABA clinics across Chesterfield and Weldon Spring in St. Charles, we are trying to extend our services to thousands of families where a child has received an ASD diagnosis. Our goal is to positively touch the lives of more and more children in our communities with flexible, impactful, and comprehensive ABA programs, centered around their specific needs and objectives. We offer clinic-based sessions, in-home therapy, and combination plans that incorporate both."

"AB Spectrum's fully immersive ABA programs include early intensive ABA, as well as speech and language therapy. Our expert therapists customize the ABA curriculum for every child's unique symptoms and therapy goals. From community outings, social skills with peers, and pet and music interventions, to learning age-appropriate self-care skills and prepping for transitioning to a school environment, our ABA programs offer a host of skill building and learning opportunities for children with Autism," concludes Haider.

The experienced ABA specialists at AB Spectrum are reshaping the future of children with ASD by encouraging their individuality, helping them embrace their skills, and preparing them to thrive alongside their neurotypical peers. Their ultimate goals are to promote the child's function and independence, enhance the chances of success in academic and professional endeavors, and help the child with ASD assimilate better in society.

For more information on AB Spectrum's ABA therapy clinics and comprehensive behavioral interventions and programs, please visit https://www.abspectrum.org/.

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