Skateboarders In Downtown L.a. Skate In Solidarity For Black Lives Matter

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2020-06-25 00:01:49

The skate community showed up to skate in solidarity in support of Black Lives and to take a stand against police brutality.

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (OPENPRESS) Local skater, Scott Maldonado & Wild Kard Tacos owner, entrepreneur Reemo Pearson, organized and led the skateboard community in peaceful protest for Black Lives Matter on June 21, 2020, otherwise known as Go Skateboarding Day. The protest featured skateboarders of all ages, who skated in solidarity through downtown L.A.

At noon on Sunday, Pershing Square was filled with pro-skaters, various media outlets, influencers, and diverse residents in support of the peaceful protest, wearing masks as a safeguard from COVID-19. The passion and energy of the spectators filled the space as pro-skaters performed tricks that continually drew in crowds of pedestrians. Local traffic stopped to honk their horns in support. Around 12:30 p.m., hundreds of skaters boarded four and a half miles downtown to protest at L.A. City Hall. While in transit, the skaters stopped in the middle of 4th Street Bridge and proudly raised their boards to show their support for the cause. It was an inspirational sight of unity in the streets of Los Angeles and portrayed a true sense community.

At an open mic in City Hall, the skateboard community had the opportunity to express their empathy for the black community and speak out against police brutality & racial injustice. A variety of speakers, including Scott Maldonado, made their voices known and spoke about the importance of voting in memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, and the countless black lives taken by police brutality.

"I think I can speak for the whole skating community, that we stand in solidarity with The Black Lives Matter Movement. I think I can speak for the whole skating community, that we will stand side-by-side, hand-in-hand, as we aid our brothers and sisters in their ongoing war that will only begin to end once we have a complete reformation of the people sworn to protect us, those same people who abuse their power," Bailey Maldonado stated.

The skaters ended the peaceful protest at City Hall around 2:30 p.m. and skated to Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights, where they enjoyed free tacos, hamburgers, water, and coffee sponsored by Wild Kard Tacos, resident Rogi Hernandez, and The Hood Grind Coffee. Additionally, there was no shortage of product toss giveaways sponsored by local businesses including BornXRaised, Famoux L.A., Paris Truck Company, Million $ Doomsday, Mr. Nice Guy, Arbor Skateboards, Darkstar

Skateboards, and Puffy Delivery.

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