Shocking Facts About The Health Dangers Of Wi-fi

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2018-12-12 00:01:28

Cellsafe's announces its latest development, the Wi-Fi Modem Radiation Reducing Bag. Designed to reduce RF radiation from Wi-Fi modems by up to 4 times. Suitable for use with all Home and office Wi-Fi Modems

(OPENPRESS) Wi-Fi radiation has been associated with insomnia, damage to childhood development, reduced brain activity, provoking cardiac stress and many more health concerns. Around the world an increasing number of governments and authorities have banned the use of Wi-Fi in schools.

Cellsafe brings you peace of mind with the newly developed 'Modemsafe' modem cover designed to reduce up to 4 times the RF radiation exposure from Wi-Fi modems.

Aaron Leibovich, an RF Engineer and founder of Cellsafe, a Melbourne based company developing radiation reducing products for mobile phones and other devices, is a long-time advocate for everyone to reduce their exposure to RF radiation including that from Wi-Fi modems.

Mr. Leibovich has an impressive background in the field of RF engineering and has spent considerable time developing this latest technological breakthrough, flexible, breathable cover which slips over the top of Wi-Fi modems and routers to reduce RF radiation. "Our new Modemsafe cover installs in seconds, with no need to disconnect the modem. If you sit next to a modem at home or at work the Modemsafe is the ideal solution to limit unnecessary Wi-Fi RF exposure," he said.

The Modemsafe is made from specialised RF shielding material, is generously proportioned at 30cm x 25cm x 10cm and simply slips over the top of the modem.

Mr. Leibovich would like to see all homes, offices and schools reducing their exposure to RF radiation He admits though, most people are unaware this 'must have' piece of technology inside most homes and offices could have potential long term health effects.

"The long term health effects of prolonged exposure to RF radiation are still unknown so why take chances," he said. As an RF engineer with over 45 years-experience Mr Leibovich is well aware of the potential harm this could be causing us and our loved ones.

"The problem is, it will take a couple of decades of exposure to see what damage has been done, and by then it will be too late. It beggar's belief that some parents do not do all they can to limit their children's RF radiation exposure with a product such as ours."

Mr. Leibovich remains hopeful the public will heed the warnings, "Sales of our Cellsafe products are strong, and continue to grow rapidly as people realise the potential risks. Now with our new Modemsafe we can reduce unnecessary RF radiation exposure in the home or office."

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