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Hollywood Comes To Wimbledon

Submitted by: Picture Palace Movie Posters

2016-10-12 00:01:49

Specializing in original vintage film posters Picture Palace Movie Posters celebrate the launch of their new website www.picturepalacemovieposters.co.uk

(OPENPRESS) Picture Palace Movie Posters open their doors this month and celebrate in style.

Specialising in original vintage film posters from the golden age of cinema they have a range of rare gems from across five decades, with some as early as the 1930s. "Early British posters are extremely rare indeed.", explains Mark Barrow, the owner of Picture Palace Movie Posters. "Anything from the war years especially is highly collectible, as most paper was pulped and recycled, so very few survive today." Which makes 'BALL OF FIRE' from 1940, starring Gary Cooper, one of the posters currently on display at 87 Quicks Road, Wimbledon, a real find. "This is not only a very rare poster with great artwork, but is also a really rare format too, being a UK door panel (60" x 20"). A very limited number of these would have been printed at the time and even fewer have survived, so it's real hens-teeth stuff."

Unlike modern cinema posters, these were all designed and hand-drawn by talented artists; and some, like the posters of Tom Chantrell, are collected in their own right. "It's all about the artwork," declares Mark. "Today's posters are so boring. Most just have a big image of the star that has usually been Photoshopped beyond belief! Posters of the 1940s-1980s, such as the ones we offer, all have fantastic original art, so even if a film title isn't that well known now, the artwork is generally superb and collectible in its own right."

With a over 500 iconic posters available and more being added each day to their website (www.picturepalacemovieposters.co.uk) there is bound to be something to suit everyone. "We've got examples of great vintage posters from across all genres, including James Bond, Hammer Horror, Ealing Studios, thrillers, Hollywood greats, 50s Sci-Fi 'B' movies and classic Carry On comedies, to name just a few, so you can own a piece of cinema history today!"

The grand opening will be on Sat 29th October at Framers, 87 Quicks Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1EX.

For more information visit www.picturepalacemovieposters.co.uk

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