Mom Hurts Herself At Work And Then Finds Out She Is Pregnant With Twins

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2016-08-22 00:01:16

A mom hurts herself at work and then finds out she is pregnant with twins.

(OPENPRESS) Mom hurts herself at work and then finds out she is pregnant with twins. To see more go to

Chantel who had bolts and a rod on her back from a prior injury hurt her self while moving a table at work. Chantel is now in an extreme amount of pain but determined to have her twins. Unfortunately now with s drop in income Chantel and James the father of the twins are struggling and need help to make ends meet.

Please help us with our twin girls. My fiancée Chantel, I, and our two boys welcomed a new addition to the family last year. A beautiful daughter named Rebel. We both worked full time. Chantel worked and breastfed during this time. She was also on birth control. Everything was working out wonderfully for us until she hurt her back at work. Her hours got cut but we were still able to make things work with raising our 3 children. Then Chantel had x-rays done on her back and found out she would need surgery soon. To read more please go to

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