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2016-04-14 00:01:52

Nazia Qidwai is a Social Media Professional currently heading the Marketing & Communication Unit at her current workplace. She is also a freelance marketing, advertising & branding consultant working globally. Her other passion is the facilitation & training of interactive soft skills workshops.

Chicago, IL (OPENPRESS) Finally the much awaited website for Nazia Qidwai is up and running again after cosmetic and technical upgrades. The website is now running on a WordPress theme whereas the content concerns Nazia Qidwai and soon to come services & products provided by her. That is, you will find Nazia Qidwai's CV/Résumé on the website.

You will also find Nazia Qidwai's Book List linking to Amazon with books ranging in topics from Marketing to Social Media to Change Management and Personal Development. The website also has a Nazia Qidwai's blog. The blog contains of articles on various topics ranging from Leadership to Marketing to Social Media to Career & Personal Development. In addition, you will find some useful links and reviews of various companies in these domains such as the Suffield University, iGrad, Coach Training Alliance and a Diploma in Digital Marketing or Social Media Certification.

Nazia Qidwai is an experienced Social Media Professional currently working towards here Certification at Splash Media University. Currently, she is living in Kuwait where she is heading the Marketing & Communication Unit at the Research & Technology Group in the Kuwait Oil Company.

Nazia Qidwai is also freelancer. Here free lancing work ranges from marketing, advertising and branding consultancy from. Although, she is currently living in Kuwait but she is from Chicago and willing to travel for her consultancy and training work.

Yes, the other passion of Nazia Qidwai is facilitation & training of interactive soft skills workshops with topics ranging but not limited to Communication Strategies, Motivation Training, Change Management, Business Ethics, Leadership Skills, Time Management and etc. At the Research & Technology Group she organizes and facilitates quarterly soft skills sessions to promote teamwork and employee engagement.

To contact Nazia Qidwai just search for on Google or your favorite search engine, the website should pop up or go directly to

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Nazia Qidwai
Phone: +965-99980310
P. O. Box 9758
Ahmadi 61008

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