Wake-up Call By Cherie Rickard: A Refreshing And Transparent Look At Grief

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2014-11-13 00:01:25

Grieving mother turns tragic loss of teenage son into triumph in an amazingly insightful and often blunt voyage into the mind of a grieving mother.

Los Angeles, CA (OPENPRESS) Pastor and Deputy/Chaplain Ken Spivey has seen more than his share of families struck by the sudden onset of grief because of the unexpected and tragic death of a family member, loved one, or child, but Spivey says he's not the least bit surprised by first-time author Cherie Rickard's inspiring and refreshing story as she tells it in "Wake-Up Call — the call that changes your life forever."

Wake-Up Call was released in Print and EBook format this week and is available for immediate access through Amazon.com. www.amazon.com/Wake-Up-Call-Mothers-Grief-Journey/dp/1503129128/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1415677849&sr=8-1&keywords=books+by+cherie+rickard.

Bryant Kite, Cherie's son, was a rising senior in the summer of 2007 — a great-looking young man, popular and outgoing, an honor student and a star baseball at Cordova High School in Tennessee with major college baseball aspirations and thoughts of possibly becoming a doctor. But a freak one-car accident in the early- morning hours on that July 12.

Although Rickard is candid and enlightening in relating the events of that call and the aftermath, the book doesn't begin there and it certainly does not end there. Rickard, a Register Nurse and Medical Business Professional Consultant, has dedicated her life to helping people turn tragedies like she lived through into triumph. "Wake-Up Call" does just that.

"Wake-Up Call — the call that changes your life forever"

Cherie has seen her share of death as a RN and Medical Business Professional, but life took a drastic turn when she experienced the death of her own son. In addition to her RN title she is now a Published Author, Speaker and business owner. She serves in honor of her son on the Bryant Kite Scholarship Foundation Committee, is a member of the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) and became a Certified Grief Counselor. From her own experiences and years of education Cherie now devotes her life to helping people learn how to turn the tragedy of losing a loved one into a life of joy and fulfillment once again through her book, published articles and speak engagements. Cherie shares her heart in her new book and travels around the country speaking to others on how to deal with sorrow and live again. Featured in newspapers, NBC, FOX and numerous social media sites she will launch her second book " Healing a Wounded Spirit" in Jan 2015. "We begin to heal when we help others and become blessed when we are a blessing."- Cherie

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