Celebrate Naturopathic Medicine Week

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2014-09-19 00:01:36

Visit a naturopathic physician in Las Vegaas during national Naturopathic Medicine Week October 6-12, 2014 to find your personal

Las Vegas, NV-AZ (OPENPRESS) A grassroots transformation in health is underway. It's driven, largely, by these stark facts: nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese…tens of millions are afflicted by chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes…and 70% of us report suffering from stress (which itself can lead to such problems as heart disease and depression). At the grassroots, though, 40% of Americans are taking greater control of their health by using holistic medicine. And, a small but growing number are seeking care from the "general practitioners of holistic medicine" known as naturopathic physicians.

This movement is reflected at the national level. One year ago, the US Senate unanimously approved a resolution to establish Naturopathic Medicine Week. Congress thereby recognized the ability of naturopathic physicians to "provide safe, effective, and affordable health care" and urged Americans to learn more about this form of medicine.

Naturopathic doctors work hand in hand with traditional healthcare providers—MDs, DOs, DCs, Physical Therapists and more. We strive to focus on the whole person, empowering him/her to take a more active role in maintaining good health.

For 2014, the second week of October (6-12) has been designated Naturopathic Medicine Week. We invite everyone to visit a local naturopathic doctor (ND), ask questions and learn how the naturopathic approach can help each individual find a personal path to wellness.

Alexandra Reimann-Anderson, ND

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