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Not only reveals those secrets but raises awareness about child abuse and sexual molestation but also allows the reader to understand the mental illness of a pedophile.

Modesto, CA (OPENPRESS) Regional author Jori Nunes has penned an important and groundbreaking book titled Chocolate Flowers. Written specifically to raise awareness about child abuse and sexual molestation, this daring book reveals dark secrets experienced by many children and gives them the light of day to diffuse and dispel the power that enables predators to do what they do — pray on innocent children.

In this brave book, author Nunes reveals a dark and nightmarish tale about child abuse, molestation and unimaginable torture of innocent children. Nunes visited and collected stories from adults who experienced abuse to write this compelling and disturbing story to help raise awareness and prevent future child abuse.

"I wrote this disturbing saga to help others understand the devastating effects of child abuse and sexual molestation," said Nunes. "It is a book I hope you will not put down — and hopefully when you're finished you will better understand why you might have some angry and emotionally disturbed children in your community and foster-care system. All the stories in the book are true and were told to me during interviews with pedophiles under Megan's Law, as well as from my personal experiences."

In this disturbing story, a predatory father and mentally disturbed mother with dissociative personal disorder (AKA multiple personalities) raise young Jen in a nightmarish and abusive environment. Emotionally, physically and sexually abused by those who are supposed to protect her, Jen is shunned by a community that either turns a blind eye or doesn't understand her circumstances.

As a young child, Jen is put through unimaginable abuse and violations to her body; she then grows into young adulthood only to face unwanted pregnancies, poverty and personal challenges. Then to her utter horror she is faced with the one thing she never wanted to have happen.

"People who have never been exposed to child abuse or child sexual abuse may have a hard time swallowing this pill but this 'medicine' is worth taking," said Gene Hardin, creator of The Lisa Project, in his review on Amazon. "Jori exposes this world in graphic reality to help alert your senses to what happens to children. This 'Twisted Tale' needs to be read by everyone so that it is never repeated on another child! Thank you Jori for writing the truth. Read this book and become inspired to do something in your own community to help prevent people from making children their victims!"

Chocolate Flowers retails for $18.95 and is available in print and eBook versions on Amazon, Nook and Apple stores. It is also available for bulk or individual purchases on the 3L Publishing website at www.3LPublishing.com. It will slowly be released into bookstores nationwide. Portions of each sale go to benefit children of abuse and sexual molestation.


Writing the story Chocolate Flowers was difficult for me to do emotionally; but it's a story I always knew I needed to write. Over the years I have discovered (as I am certain many other victims of crime would agree) that the topic of childhood sexual abuse is not a subject that most people feel comfortable discussing. I could never find a response to those who asked, "Why didn't you tell?" I can remember trying as a child to tell other adults. I even had adult authority figures make excuses for the predators by suggesting there was a "misunderstanding," followed by questions about what I did to cause the abuse or worse saying, she/he wouldn't do that. It sometimes even seems like society often treats the victim like he or she was somehow at fault and either invited or caused the abuse or molestation.

As a result, many victims of abuse hold their stories deep inside without receiving psychological treatment or some kind of intervention. With all these feelings and no help, sometimes victims turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their pain. Others may lead productive lives (on the surface) while tucking away unpleasant memories and pain that later leads to severe depression, anxiety, anger, emotional breakdowns, headaches, suicidal thoughts or worse, suicide.

While interviewing pedophiles, I learned that boys are just as likely as girls to become victims of sexual abuse normally from an adult who first gains the family's trust and takes a special interest in an individual child. Predators control their victims through special gifts, vacations, outings and more. Then to prevent being "told on" they will threaten to take back gifts, harm loved ones, or convince the child that what the predator did was a natural act. They sometimes also tell children no one will believe them.

Society needs to teach children to respect parents, elders and authority figures, but also explain that in some cases that involve touch to a private area, "bumps" into their persons too many times, or inappropriate and ongoing "tickles" aren't always all right. We need to teach children to say "no" and practice saying "no" so it's not uncomfortable.

I am not a doctor or professional in the field of sexual abuse; but I am a parent of a sexually abused child and a victim of sexual childhood abuse. In these experiences, I am able to share this story and use my knowledge and share what's in my heart in hope that I am able to raise awareness on this important and critical subject. My greatest wish is that emotional, physical and sexual abuse never again be perpetrated on another innocent child.

-- Jori Nunes, Chocolate Flowers

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