Wholesgame Has Launched Website For Wholesale Traders Of Video Games And Consoles

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2014-04-10 00:01:14

WholesGame has announced launch of its new website, an information portal for companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade of video games and consoles.

(OPENPRESS) (OPENPRESS) The new web portal provides information on video games and consoles, upcoming new releases, the best sellers, assessment of their wholesale and retail sales potential, as well as provides contacts of potential suppliers, publishers, and developers of video and PC games.

Information about Video Games and Consoles

The website provides information on major video games and consoles that are present in the market, including their available formats, their platforms, and editions. It also provides product EAN codes, their age classification, and available languages. The website also gives an expert assessment of wholesale trade potential for each item, which provides valuable insight for traders.

Game Companies

The website provides comprehensive information on selected high quality video game companies, including wholesalers and distributors, retailers, publishers, and developers. All companies are verified and only top quality companies are included in the database. This provides extremely valuable information to traders of video games and consoles, who usually spend significant time on identifying and finding valuable suppliers and retail customers. The company date also includes their verified contact information, so that the visitors of the website can be use it to directly contact the companies for potential business, as suppliers or wholesale customers.

Trade Information

The website also has a blog section, which features articles and reports that provide useful insights on trading video games. For example, a universal trade guide, called Video Game Wholesalers: How to Find Them and Create an Account with them, provides valuable insights on how to deal with wholesalers and distributors, which may be especially useful for small business owners. The article base of the site is constantly expanding, and in future, the website is planning to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience for its visitors on all aspects of trading video games and console, both wholesale and retail.

In near future, the website is planning to expand its visitors base and offer even more information and services. The creators are ideally looking to add intermediation services at future stages of this project development, where visitors will be able to check the stock lists and prices of different wholesalers on the site.

Wholesgame encourages video game traders to visit the website and try it, and are confident that the visitors can find a lot of useful information for their respective businesses.

Website: http://wholesgame.com

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