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2013-11-13 00:01:30

Software Proposal Portal is the only online software system, created especially for for software development companies and freelancers in the IT industry which offers professional software proposal creation.

(OPENPRESS) Each IT company and freelancer, working in software development, knows that business proposals are often a key step in the competitive sales process. After spending a lot of time and effort, creating software project proposals, an IT entrepreneur had the idea to develop a tool that automates the majority of the activities software development companies frequently face. After 2 years of developing and improving, the online service that helps IT companies save time and effort is already launched. It can be found at http://www.swproposal.com/

SW Proposal is a web based software, founded by Nick Rogozhnikov. It is designed to help software development companies and freelancers in the IT industry create software project proposals, track them, and automate other business activities, associated with CRM or time management. If you have to create a professional software proposal in a limited period of time, this tool takes the hassle out of it for you. "You do not need to create every business proposal document entirely by yourself. The system will do it for you. With the templates the system offers, the act of creating project proposals becomes much easier and less bothersome. This benefits anyone from freelancers to small home-based businesses, who would like to be serious competitors among professional IT companies," explains SW Proposal CEO, Nick Rogozhnikov.

What's new?

"There is no doubt that a number of online resources almost similar to SW Proposal already exists and also offer proposal creation and tracking options", admits Nick Rogozhnikov. "When we got ready to launch our product and broke into a new market, we realized that it is over-cluttered with various online services, such as Bidsketch, Proposable, and more. Comparing our product to others with similar functionalities, we can definitely claim that Software Proposal Portal is the only online software system, created especially for the IT industry, which offers professional software proposal creation. "

If this leaves you wondering about questions such as: What is a software proposal? What is the difference between a software proposal and business proposal? What parts should it have? Check out how SW Proposal works in the following video: https://vimeo.com/53145081

"We are a leading start-up software tool created for the IT industry. We base our work on our experience as a software development company and on the suggestions of our clients", the last words for now from Software Proposal Portal CEO.

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