Novel Set in Recession-hit Bangalore Debuts on the Amazon Kindle Store

Submitted by: Suhail Rasheed

2012-12-29 00:01:21

Suhail Rasheed publishes his novel, Living With Smoke, on the Kindle Store, putting an end to three years of waiting to be published.

(OPENPRESS) Bangalore, India — A young writer and blogger, Suhail Rasheed, self-published his first book, Living With Smoke, on the Kindle platform early last week. Rasheed's effort at self-publishing is in line with what reality the publishing world seems to be heading towards: independent publishing is being more appreciated and encouraged than ever, giving hopes to thousands of budding writers.

Three years after it was first written, and after a few rejections by noted publishing houses, Living With Smoke comes out now as Rasheed's first attempt at writing a full-length novella. It is the fictional account of three individuals whose lives are thrown into turmoil due to certain events happening around them at the time of the global economic recession in 2008-2009. The three protagonists come from varying backgrounds and supposedly depict a cross-section of Bangalore's citizenry.

"The recession touched me closer than I ever imagined any item in the newspaper could affect me. It was at such time that I began writing this book, hoping to bring forth at least a few stories from the many I know that occurred during the recession," says Rasheed. The novel now available as an e-book on the Kindle Store will soon be made available in print also through Amazon's print-on-demand services subsidiary, CreateSpace.

The advent of several new platforms such as the Kindle, CreateSpace and similar services through other portals, has given a renewed impetus to the self-publishing, independent writer. If at least a few of these books do well, full-time writers may just have found a more lucrative alternative to getting published in the traditional manner.

About Suhail Rasheed

Suhail Rasheed works as a senior executive for an organizational brand consultancy firm. In his free time, he writes short stories and some long ones. Rasheed has also written several poems, some of which await publication in both print and electronic media. As a child of eight or nine, Rasheed first started writing, spurred by an unending chain of imagination and inspired by the number of books he used to read. Suhail Rasheed's writings are a reflection of his deepest thoughts on the life he sees and feels around him. In 2009, he completed his first full-length novella, Living With Smoke, which is now published on the Kindle platform.

Suhail Rasheed is thirty and presently lives with his wife & two children in Bangalore, India. He is currently working on Alone in Tango, a novel which is expected to be completed by mid-2013.

For more information about Living With Smoke, please visit or contact Suhail Rasheed [Phone: +91 97422 86162, Email:].

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