Digicom Global Launches a Blog Site to Answer Customer Questions

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2011-12-31 00:04:14

Digicom Global launches a blog site to connect and educate customers on a wide range of two way radios, satellite phones and spot gps messenger solutions.

Troy, MI (OPENPRESS) December 31, 2011 -- Digicom Global, a leading provider of quality satellite phone products, systems and services has launched a blog site to help answer customer questions regarding satellite phones. Digicom Global's blog site offers a wide range of information about the latest sat phones such as globalstar phones, iridium phones, 2 way radios( http://digicomglobal911.com/content/17-radio-accessories ) and much more.

"Satellite phones are becoming popular not just among business professionals and emergency management personnel, but also among ordinary people, who make use of sat phones while hiking, trekking, camping or any other situations where a cell phone or landline may not have access. Another important reason for its growing demand is that sat phones are more affordable than cell phones in rural areas which require building cell towers. Nowadays, you can find different types of sat phones, but Iridium and Globalstar phones are preferred by a large number of people due their state of the art features, faster connectivity, compact design, ease of use, uninterrupted signals, battery longetivity and more. Both these phones have their own unique features, so you need to pay more attention to their important features to pick the phone that's right for you", says Tim Hoerner for Digicom Global.

Sat phones offer reliable connectivity without interruption and can be used anywhere worldwide. Sat phones not only help business professionals, but offer emergency assistance for ordinary people while traveling through regions where cell tower or landlines could not reach. Sat phones are also used by military, security services, media and for expedition in remote areas. Satellite phones( http://digicomglobal911.com/ ) are also useful for emergency management communications for disaster relief. Today, satellite phones are found throughout the world due to its affordable nature and advanced features.

"Due to the availability of fewer satellites, you might have to wait for 40% of the time to process a call while using Globalstar phones until the remainder of the next generation satellites are launched which should be completed by September. But, you can get faster access to process a call today while using Iridium phones for which satellites are available for 98% of the time", adds Tim Hoerner.

Digicom also offers a full range of 2-way radio products. Everything from portable 2 watt analog radios to state of the art 5 watt digital radios and 100 watt mobiles for wide range coverage. The Kenwood NEXEDGE digital radios not only talk further, but penetrate walls 20% better than analog. They are capable of communicating with analog and digital radios and come with encryption for private conversations.

About Digicom Global:
Digicom Global is a leading satellite phone equipment and satellite telephone services provider specializing in Iridium phones, Globalstar phones( http://digicomglobal911.com/5-globalstar-phones ), 2 way radios, Spot GPS Messenger, and satellite and radio accessories.

For more details, log on to: http://www.digicomglobal911.com .

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