Christmas Sale Up To 50% Off Put A Full Stop On Dec 26th

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2011-12-30 00:50:19

Along with Christmas holiday, IGXE Christmas Sale has come to an end on December 26th PST.

us (OPENPRESS) December 29, 2011 - Along with Christmas holiday, IGXE Christmas Sale has come to an end on December 26th PST. IGXE is an international online game service provider. From December 21st to December 26th, it has offered up to 50% special rates to all the customers. The special rate is available on the gold product of 12 games. The wow gold and other 11 kinds of games gold have gained the rise on sale. The customers are supportive to this event.

This event opened to all the customers of this site on December 21st. In the duration of five days, about 80% of its customers have enjoyed this Christmas big sale. Its official site has reached the five times increase of view per day. In general, all the big sale events will attracted customers' visit to the site. Due to the high percent of special rates and wide range of available games, the rise on sale of these games' gold has been enhanced. The amount of participants of this event has exceeded that of former similar events. The amount of offering gold has also broken the records.

Although the cost of the big offering is high, this site has bought morale of their customers. Customers' feedback is encouraging and positive. A lot of the customers left message to this site to express their support and satisfaction to their service. "I have bought a large amount of runescape gold igxe with 30% off. I think I do not need to buy gold until it releases the next big offering activity. I always can save a lot."this is a piece of message from one of the VIP customers.

The data provide by the staffs of this site shows that wow gold, rs gold, and Rift gold are on the top sale among the 12 games involved in the event. In addition to these 12 games gold, the Swtor Credits have also achieved sale increase. This game was officially released on December 20. All the players want to get well equipped to begin the adventure in the game. Thus its related products have been in great demand. Among IGXE customers, the SWTOR fans require its service providing team to get more resources of equipment and gold to meet their needs in SWTOR. The marketing manager quoted, "our big sale has ended with good results. Now the core of our work is to do our best to serve SWTOR fans and other newly released games players. "

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