aTradeon RES Platform with Substantial Growth Across the Globe

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2011-12-30 00:09:38

Recruiting Renewable Energy Scouting (RES) Consultants to Support Expansion: Responding to a buoyant investment market in renewables, VisionConsult is building a professional network of Scouting Consultants around the world with the aim to find and to pre-screen promising RES projects.

(OPENPRESS) December 30, 2011 -- VisionConsult International, a global management consultancy, announces the launch of the recruiting process for Renewable Energy Scouting Consultants. The Company operates the online trading platform aTradeon for projects from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), enabling players in the market of green energy to register for both sale and purchase of resources, projects and related services. With the support of aTradeon, VisionConsult provides brokerage services aiming to find appropriate investors to acquire these RES projects.

Responding to a buoyant investment market in renewables, and consistent with their global market expansion strategy, VisionConsult is building a professional network of Scouting Consultants around the world. These Scouting Consultants are to prospect their markets to find and to pre-screen promising RES projects for publication on the aTradeon platform with the aim to be available for acquisition by investors.

Markus Schäfer, Managing Director at VisionConsult GmbH, the German branch of VisionConsult International, explains: "The launch of aTradeon some 5 months ago marked the take-off of the first trading platform open for projects from all renewable energy sources. Now the time has come to put aTradeon on a broader basis. This includes our approach to increase the number of projects on the platform from several dozens to several hundreds. As in some markets it becomes ever more difficult to find attractive projects meeting the funding criteria of aTradeon investing members, we have decided to take advantage of Renewable Energy Scouting Consultants to support the global expansion of our activities. The Scouts will also speed up our expansion to emerging markets, including the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, South America and Southern Africa".

Regarding the Scouting Consultant's role, Uwe Alexander Dudday, Senior Consultant at VisionConsult GmbH adds: "The Scouting Consultant's prime focus is to identify promising RES project opportunities to be published on the aTradeon platform. A promising RES project is a project which meets a certain, specific set of criteria to qualify for purchase by an investor". With respect to the remuneration of the Scouting Consultants, Mr. Dudday adds: "When a Scouting Consultant finds a RES Project which is acquired by an investor identified by VisionConsult, the Scout will earn a considerable referral fee. VisionConsult therefore is fully committed to share the success with the Scouting Consultants supporting us to raise the aTradeon platform to the next level of success"!

Fully registered aTradeon members with ambition and the required research skills, organization and communication talent as well as strong market knowledge may want to apply for a RES Scouting Consultancy by completing, signing, and returning to VisionConsult a "Scouting Consultant Application / Agreement" accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae.

A picture of Senior Consultant Uwe Alexander Dudday is available at

Note to Editors

VisionConsult International is a global consulting company for the infrastructure industries, including ecological construction, energy production from renewable sources, media, information technology and telecommunications. The company originates from Vision Industries S.A. which was founded in Sophia-Antipolis (France) in the year 1992.

VisionConsult International is available to undertake a broad range of proposed assignments. The company supports clients at all business development stages with market research, strategic & business planning, finance and partner selection for business incubation and startup project launch as well as public relations and marketing support. The structure of VisionConsult International provides each client with the personal attention of the lead consultant with, at the same time, access to the resources and services of other experts in a variety of locations around Europe and the world. Most of the consultants of VisionConsult are internationalists, and most speak several languages.

Furthermore VisionConsult International operates the trading platform aTradeon which brings together project developers and financial investors across the entire field of renewable energy sources (RES), such as solar energy, wind power, biomass and hydroelectric power. Registered members of aTradeon have the ability to search the world for suitable RES projects and post own projects. aTradeon acts as an intermediary between financial investors, project owners and project developers worldwide. VisionConsult's highly skilled and experienced multilingual consultants support members in the negotiation process and the conclusion of the best possible transaction for realizing their RES projects.

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