Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Reseller Chose abas ERP as Global Business Software

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2010-12-31 00:07:46

AVA Quality Cooling powered by Haugg will begin implementing abas ERP in The Netherlands and Italy

Amstelveen, The Netherlands (OPENPRESS) December 31, 2010 -- ABAS is proud to announce that AVA Quality Cooling has selected abas ERP as their global ERP system to increase supply chain efficiency and to have a better visibility in global operations. AVA Quality Cooling will start implementing abas ERP in the Netherlands and Italy.

AVA Cooling found in abas ERP a global solution that can be localized for every AVA subsidiary around the world. Business processes of the AVA Group will become standardized, which will result in a more productive and cost effective way. Furthermore manual input will be reduced which will lead to a reduction of error.

Benefits of a Global System
abas ERP increases transparency and optimizes the flow of information between international businesses, aligns global business functions and manages the connections to outside stakeholders. "Our old-system was not totally integrated and not multi country/language oriented. With abas ERP, we will have a global ERP system with EDI features and data will be available in real-time", Ronald van Herpen, CEO of AVA Benelux.

Maximizing global revenue with abas eB
AVA will also launch a new search engine optimized, catalog-structured webshop. Embedded product videos and enabled web 2.0 functionalities will increase their web marketing and online revenue around the globe. Since abas eB and abas ERP are linked together, double entries and manual inputs are dramatically reduced, which will result in more productive business processes.

Meeting OEM Requirements
AVA Cooling delivers engine cooling and mobile air-conditioning in OE-manufactures quality. AVA products convince with quality - from the choice of materials to the workmanship of every detail. The high requirements AVA places in the products are visible in all areas, such as quality, warranty, service, environment, etc.

ABAS is uniquely qualified to implement international ERP projects. No other company has the combination of an unified partner network, strategic orientation, globally enabled software, and international implementation methodology that defines the roadmap to success. ABAS Business Solutions Italia SRL and ABAS Business Solutions Nederland BV will implement abas ERP at AVA Cooling Benelux and Italy for 60 user licenses. A roll out for other European companies in the AVA Group is foreseen.

About AVA Quality Cooling
Founded in 1963, AVA Cooling Systems was focusing solely on the international market for engine radiators and air conditioning spare parts. Step by step, AVA Cooling Systems, was setting up foreign bases in other European countries. Up to now, the AVA- Group has seven European distribution centers that are affiliated to the company: In Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Italy and Denmark. AVA has agents in the Balkan, the Russian Federation and Turkey. The whole group employs more than 550 people.

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