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2010-12-31 00:07:51

Production-, manufacturing-, distribution companies, and automotive suppliers, selected abas ERP to move towards an economic recovery

Karlsruhe, Germany (OPENPRESS) December 31, 2010 -- The IFO Business Climate Index confirms that business development in many industries is again rapidly increasing. In comparison to 2009, ABAS has again seen a significant rise in sales. Especially mid-market custom manufacturers and automotive suppliers seeking technological and organizational changes while moving towards an economic recovery and increasing productivity were among the new abas ERP customers.

The values of the IFO Business Climate Index has never been so high as now. One reason for the positive mood of the 7000 questioned managers is an increasing demand for products which are "Made in Germany", and manufactured and sold around the world.

Focusing on flexibility and software modernization, abas ERP changes with its customers as products, markets, strategies and competitors changes. The multi-tiered architecture allows users to write business rules into the system easily and simply adapt to new demands.

The following projects are some of the recent abas ERP sales in the final quarter of 2010. They represent multiple new users from different industry sectors.

New abas ERP customer in the electronics industry
GINO AG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of resistors for industrial and traffic engineering. As a classic niche producer, with plants in Germany (Bonn and Eisenach) and China (Shanghai), and representative offices in over 15 countries worldwide, GINO supplies renowned clients with electric resistors ranging from 50 watt to 360 megawatt.

New abas ERP customer in the engineering industry
In 1999, Held Hydraulik GmbH selected for abas ERP. The Fluidtec AG from Switzerland, which also belongs to the group of companies, has now also made this decision. The company manufactures for the hydraulics, hose pipe, and fittings industry, applying their expertise and using the most modern technology. ABAS Competence Partner GmbH looks forward to the cooperation.

New abas ERP customers in the automobile industry
Stecher GmbH is a competent and highly efficient industrial partner. Since the company was founded over 40 years ago, it has become highly specialized and has gained a high level of expertise in the processing of turned parts. Currently, the product range includes almost 5000 products that are manufactured for various industries. Most trucks are equipped with components made by Stecher, which help to save the environment by reducing emissions and using their engine cooling systems. Stecher products are also used in the oil industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to control aggressive substances.

New abas ERP customer in the plastics industry
Reboplastic was founded in 1974 in Germany. The production and sales program comprises thermoformed plastic parts and system solutions for the automotive and supplier industry, mechanical engineering, the electrical industry and other industry sectors. Reboplastic develops customized solutions. The design and realization takes place by means of CAD/CAM in an inhouse facility. The company has various patents for Europe and the USA. In the future, business processes will be optimized with abas ERP.

New abas ERP customer in the packaging industry
100 users from Müller AG Verpackungen will now work with abas ERP. Müller AG Verpackungen was established in 1897 in Basel. The company produces industrial packaging made of sheet metal and operates its own machine construction business. Müller AG Verpackungen mainly supplies various companies from the chemical, pharmaceutical, odorous substances, petroleum, colors and varnishes industry sectors.

New abas ERP customers in the distribution sector
abacus-components GmbH has selected abas ERP. The modern and efficient company specializes in the procurement of discontinued or rare electronic components.

Pretsch von Lerchenhorst GmbH, which was founded 1948 and distributes glassware, hotelware and kitches appliances from all leading European manufacturers to hotels, hospitals, universities, and the German armed forces, selected abas ERP to optmize their business processes.

New abas ERP customers in the metal and processing industry
Steland GmbH & Co. KG is the problem solver in the areas of filling station engineering, steel construction, masts, sheet metal working as well as sheet metal construction. In Cologne, traditionally high quality products are manufactured using the most modern production technology and organizational methods. Now, the company will organize its business processes by abas ERP.

David Dorfmüller Söhne GmbH & Co. KG also became new abas ERP customer. The "TÜV" (the Technical Inspection Authority) certified manufacturer is a specialist in precision turned parts and standard parts - particularly for industrial screws and nuts.

Walther Metallwaren GmbH offers its customers a wide range of services for metal vendor parts and selected abas ERP as their business software. This range includes sheet metal and strip materials, other common materials and alloys, produced according to customer designs and customer samples, or designed cost-efficiently together with the customer.

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